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Dodge Truck Sunday – A 1994 Dodge Serro Scotty Motorhome with a Cummins

Jim Brennan September 8, 2013 For Sale, Weekend Edition 16 Comments

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Welcome to Dodge Truck Sunday. The reason why I wanted to do a Dodge Truck Special was after I ran an Obscure Muscle Car Garage feature about the Dodge L’il Red Express and Warlock trucks, I just started looking for other interesting Dodge Trucks online. And here is one of the more interesting Dodge Trucks I found… This is a 1994 Dodge Ram 3500 Cab & Chassis that was turned into a Motorhome by the Serro Travel Trailer Company of Irwin, Pa. So, what would you do with a vehicle like this?

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This is just the type of vehicle that most of the Hoons who populate the Hooniverse can actually use. So, you need to tow your crapcan to and from the racetrack… The Cummins 12v Turbo Diesel will have more than enough torque to tow your “valuable racing vehicle” wherever your next race is scheduled. On top of that, this has room for four people to sleep overnight on the track, so that you can take shifts mending your “award winning racecar” which is trying to limp to the finish line.

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If you don’t have a racecar, but have a rare and desirable collector car, then this thing can tow your “near unobtanium classic” to the next Concourse Venue with ease. This vehicle has only covered 59,000 since new, and with the legendary longevity of the Cummins, you will have the ability to tow that “award winning show piece” all over the country in relative comfort.

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This will also make the perfect get-away vehicle when you want to go to the lake. You can take your Bass Boat, Ski Boat, Pleasure Craft, or a pair of Jet Skis anywhere, while setting up a comfortable “home away from home” next to your favorite body of water. It is equipped with an Onan generator, so you can power all the electrical things you can’t do without when at the lake, like lights, power tools, video game consoles, everything that one would need.

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With over five days to go, this do anything camper/freedom machine is currently hovering around $9,100, which is more than reasonable in my opinion. See the listing here: 1994 DODGE RAM 3500 12V CUMMINS TURBO DIESEL SCOTTY MOTORHOME

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  • Van_Sarockin

    Pretty good RV for a pretty good price.

  • MrHowser

    Around here, that price would fetch you a stock Ram of similar vintage, mileage, and condition. The 12V Cummins seems to be highly sought after. Thus, NP.

  • cruisintime

    Sweet rig and it is really well kept. L

  • BlackIce_GTS

    Onan generator?
    … in lieu of fuel, can run on an internet connection.
    … slightly underpowered, however stroker kits are an easy do-it-yourself mod.
    … extended use can result in fumes that cause blindness.

    • FuzzyPlushroom

      They're also easy to start, except on alcohol. You have to plan ahead for fluid leaks, though.

  • ThirdPedalGirl

    I love it.

    This is a very usefully sized RV. Just right for weekend trips or for long days at a state fair, racetrack or the in-laws house but not so big you've got to worry about maneuverability.

  • PotbellyJoe ★★★★☆

    I may be over-thinking it, but an air freshener hanging on the knob of your oven, to me, means you either have an old grease smell, or your wife sucks at cooking….

  • MVEilenstein

    Don't see too many Ram RV conversions, although I don't know why – that Cummins is a perfect choice for moving a small studio apartment on wheels.

    I like the bucket seats – they look custom to me. I think the buyer is going to get a great deal on this.

  • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    Bummer that the genset isn't a QuietDiesel. That would rock!

    However, this is priced very, VERY well.

    The rear kitchen is sought-after, too, though the downside is, if you have four people sleeping at one time in there, the bed which is normally the sofa/dinette blocks access to the head for the people sleeping over the cab.

    Still, killer price for a rare machine in good nick.

    I have a 1999 Fleetwood Bounder diesel, powered by the commercial version of the 24V ISB, so I know this kinda thing decently well. It's a one-bedroom apartment, though, at 40', not an efficiency. Still just like driving a wider/taller/longer version of the '85 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham d'Elegance I used to have, though.

    BTW, with these type of machines, it's not the length which catches you off-guard…it's the width.

    So…you want flame to keep your food cold? Lemme (try to) 'splain how that works with an RV fridge, which has no compressor…

  • I wish more RVs were based on pickup cabs, rather than cutaway van chassis. I realize that the living area to overall length ratio is not as good, but most van cabs are less comfortable places to sit for extended periods. Also, there's this:

    <img src="http://www.tigervehicles.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/08-079.jpg&quot; width="490">

  • teresa

    looking for a camper like the dodge diesel with scotty camper
    if anyone knows of one for sale please contact asap !!!!

    • steve

      I have one I would consider selling. ..97 with the 5.9 Cummins with 18000 miles. ..like new Condition with the rear bedroom. ..has the full awning as well as the Onan generator.

  • teresa

    yes interested , call or email me, teresa@frontierlogcabins.com 740-332-3050
    where are you located??? and any idea of price???
    rear bedroom, is there a sleeper sofa?? bed over cab???

  • Kenneth Stewart

    Call me 724-627 6747 or e-mail me kandbstewart@comcast.net Where are you at and price. Email me pictures if you will.