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Weekend Edition – Speaking of Suburbans, a 1989 Choo Choo Customs GMC ‘burban on eBay

Jim Brennan September 7, 2013 For Sale, Weekend Edition 8 Comments

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Here at Hooniverse Central, we operate on a hierarchy of some sort, though I always get it wrong. There’s Jeff, who is out Chief Blogger.Then there is Tim (along with the Mrs.) who operate things in the background. Graverobber who is our most prolific author in these parts, followed by Kamil who posts everything eastern block (or about Land Rovers). And there you have it, the decision making staff… along with the rest of us happily toiling away trying to produce interesting content for our faithful fans of the Verse that is Hoon. So why am I bringing up the staff? Well, it was Tim who wrote about searching for some Suburbans a couple of days ago, and now I have now found a rather unusual one for all of you to enjoy (or make fun of… your choice).

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This is a 1989 GMC Suburban that has been treated to to a Conversion Van treatment from a company called Choo Choo Customs. This truck has reasonable mileage, and the conversion process isn’t really that bad (you can read that as truly horrifying, or good looking, your choice) and according to the listing:

Choooo! Choooooo! Custom Conversion Suburban. 4X4 350 engine with trailer hitch. Perfect for adventurous type family. Ready to cruise the streets or go off road camping. Very nice and well maintained vehicle. Dependable, practical and comfortable. Plenty of room for 8 passengers.

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Extended ceiling height with the choo choo custom roof panel with side port windows and custom features like lights audio sound system, wood accents and custom headliner. Also in the rear cabin extra cup holders and comfortable seating. In the cockpit the dash is nice and the coach company added an upper dash panel complete with audio controls and CB radio also it has a wood panel to match the rest of the interior panels. The exterior is very clean and has fiberglass fender flares added by the coach company. The rear barn doors are a nice feature as well. Lots of meat on the tires. The 4X4 feature is working great and the AC blows cold. ready to go!

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With only a few hours to go until the close of this auction, the bidding has reached only $2,851, with an unmet reserve. So what do you think this special Suburban will go for? See the listing here: 1989 GMC Suburban Choo Choo Custom

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  • Van_Sarockin

    Seems nice enough, and the price is right. Not sure the conversion work really helped all that much. The interior looks a bit unfortunate, and the wheels a bit undertired compared to the clown shoe fashion now and the fender flares really accent that..

  • OA5599

    A lot of times the conversion places would spec out base level vehicles, then add their own seats, trim, wheels, stereo, etc. and add a second tone of paint along with other exterior accents. This one seems to have skipped a lot of the upgrades. It has steel wheels, no bumper guards, non-privacy glass in the doors (I think the side glass is tinted with film), and it appears to have been a third-row-delete 'burb with a non-matching aftermarket seat added.

    I don't see the attraction in the slightly raised roof, either. In the old days of CRT televisions, the main use for a raised roof in a vehicle that didn't need extra headroom was to have a place to mount a TV/VCR. This doesn't have those, so instead you get garage parking limitations, risk of cracking and leaking, and loss of some roof rack real estate in return for nothing.

    For my money, I'd look for one still wearing the factory roof.

    • failboat

      I like it because its different but dont like it because of all the reasons you listed. the raised roof seems pointless on this one.

      • I hate everything about it, yet still love it overall.

    • Van_Sarockin

      I wonder if that roof cap wasn't considered an aero improvement of some sort? Even if the height was in about the least useful spot. It sure makes that Suburban look like it's going a whole lot faster.

  • B72

    Dearthair does nothing?

  • zombienixon

    That's in pretty good shape for an old truck, even if the fender flares are a completely stupid addition. I'd definitely Choo-Choo-Choose it. (My apologies to Ralph Wiggum)

  • Keith

    Considering this is rust country, and that I've been unable to find one this clean in 8+ years of looking, I want to like it. But the raised roof – while less offensive than some I've seen – isn't doing it for me.

    Personally, I'd rather have one that wasn't converted at all (Flexsteels are nice and all, but I'll live with vinyl inside to escape the vinyl stripes outside that generally went hand in hand). But this one seems tasteful – er, minimal – enough. I'm torn.