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Last Call- Think of the Children Edition

Robert Emslie August 26, 2013 Last Call

cracker signs

Neighborhood rivalries are not uncommon, but on this particular block in Minot North Dakota they seem to have taken a strange turn.

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  1. Serow says:

    I live in North Dakota. It's not too bad except the cars aren't too varied. There are three types of cars in my high school parking lot: Ford F150s, Pontiac Grand Prix, and Buick Park Avenues. If O go on Craig's list and search "Miata" it finds one in the entire state.

    • Serow says:

      Sorry for the errors. Won't let me edit.

    • ptschett says:

      Howdy neighbor! (I'm in Fargo.)
      You reminded me of a grocery store trip I took one February afternoon last year. I counted 15 Grand Prix & other W-body types just in the store parking lot, 4 in my neighborhood & met another 2 during the 1.5 mile trip in between.

      • Serow says:

        Cool, My sister goes to NDSU and I'm going there next year. Right now I'm as far away as you can get, in the SW corner of the state. I don't know why Pontiacs are so popular in this area, but I swear 25% of the cars at my high school are Grand Prix, Grand Ams or G6s.

  2. Alff says:

    That's hilarious … until someone gives these jackasses a reality show.

  3. MVEilenstein says:

    Spent the weekend on a retreat up north of Darrington on 530, in Skagit County. Just now checking in after the long weekend.

    The scenery up there is amazing, and the drive is half the fun of getting there. Long, winding two-lane roads all the way. One of these days I want to take the Mountain Loop Highway. I'm told a lot of it is unpaved.

    • FЯeeMan says:

      From this angle, the Renault 20 looks like it didn't stop until it hit the post.

      • Sjalabais says:

        Yeah, looks like they are really storing every centimetre of it…haven't seen one for real for at least 12-15 years. I still find it surprising how little value people see in relatively original French and Italian everyday classics.

      • dukeisduke says:

        Was it the Renault 20 that offered the hated Douvrain V6 as an option? And I dig the Mazda 929, the piston-engined variant of the RX-4.

    • BobWellington says:

      That Mazda…I want.

  4. FЯeeMan says:

    Might have gotten lost last time, so I'll mention it again.

    Anyone else have the next (newer) button disappear from the mobile view? It was there until last week some time. The previous (older post) button is still there.

    Also, over at AT, the mobile theme comes and goes… Sometimes from post to post, refresh to refresh.

    Running Firefox on Android.

    • Sjalabais says:

      No "next" button in Opera Mini on Android at all. But posting is a game of luck. Sometimes, text and answer field will disappear. In 8/10 cases, hitting "reply" gives me a reload without any visible action happening.

      I would be interested in a statistics breakdown of Hooniverse visitors: Country of origin, browser, that kind of stuff. :)

      • nanoop says:

        Opera classic on on icw, same experience. The mobile theme here and at AT are still among the better ones (I'm actually using it).

      • FЯeeMan says:

        Odd, it was working just fine until a couple of days ago. Don't recall if there was a Firefox update.

        I've never had any issues at all with the mobile themes at either site, other than at AT it's always been hit & miss. No posting issues.

        Maybe Hoonibbles just needs a vacation for a few days. Maybe he went on vacation and didn't tell anyone…

    • ˏ♂ˊ mzs zsm msz esq says:

      No next this morning on FF ESR 17.0.8 running on FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE-p10 i386 but I did not notice when that happened.

  5. Antipodean says:

    Both signs were written by the same person (same paint, "N", "W" and "K"s look the same).

  6. Van_Sarockin says:

    It's just like the rules for deer, right? If you tag, you can keep it.

  7. Vairship says:

    The "next article" button has been absent from any article posted since 20 August. The older articles still show it (up through http://hooniverse.com/2013/08/20/pictures-2013-co… ), the newer articles (starting with http://hooniverse.com/2013/08/20/this-junkyard-ja… ) don't have it.

    This happens both at work (IE8 under Windows 7) and at home (Firefox under Windows 7).

    Since the older articles still show the "next article" button even today, I assume it's a change that was made to the site and not to the readers's machines. And it's not a mobile plug-in problem…

    Also at work (IE8) the Comments don't show up for the newer articles, but at home under Firefox they do.


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