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Weekend Edition – A Nissan 350Z Art Car by Sharpie Pen, and it is up for sale…

Jim Brennan July 13, 2013 For Sale 13 Comments

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Yes, it seems that this is an impromptu Art Car Weekend here at the Hooniverse, and why not. Let’s all get lost in the alternate world that is art, and take in the artist interpretation of the particular transportation device he (or she) applies their talents. This is a late model Nissan Z that has been subject to what is becoming more and more common… art work by Sharpie Pen. Do you like it?

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The car in question was found on the Richmond, VA Craigslist board, even though the car can be found in Clinton, CT. No matter, it is still either an amazing piece of Art, or a tribute to questionable taste, depending on your viewpoint. According to the listing:

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A 2003 Nissan 350z Touring for sale! Automatic, 103K miles. This car was painted by contemporary artist Ted Mikulski in 2010. The car was stripped of its clear coat and brought into the studio and drawn on with paint pens for 11 days straight. The entire car is done by hand, without any assistance. Upon completion of the art, the vehicle was brought to a Nissan dealership body-shop and 2 coats of clear coat was re-applied. The vehicle can be treated as any car would and you can wash it, wax it, drive it in the rain, etc. Most of the miles were put on before the paint job.

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Tires put on 8 months ago, no engine modifications, and no problems with the car – very reliable. More picture available upon request!

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The asking price for this rolling tribute to the Sharpie Pen is $10,650, which is overvalued based on the car and current mileage. But what the hell do I know, you may just love it. See the listing here, and then tell me what you think about it.