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Hooniverse Asks- What Car From the Past Really Looked Like it was From the Future?

Robert Emslie June 26, 2013 Hooniverse Asks 87 Comments


I don’t know about you, but my planning usually doesn’t extend much further than about 72 hours down the road. If you ascribe to the commonly held tenets of Chaos Theory© as a mechanism for describing the dynamic system that is our existence, I think you would agree with me that there’s little point in setting milestones any further.

Still that hasn’t stopped many futurists from hypothesizing about lies ahead, and in the automotive world that has resulted in a number of cars that, laughably in hindsight, supposed to predict what a future generation’s transportation options might be like. Usually they got it wrong, but some cars – both show cars and certain production models are eerily prescient.

What I want from you today are those cars of yore that appear to have come from a generation hence. Maybe their styling was accidentally a precursor of things to come, or they featured a technology that, while obscure and unappreciated at the time would later become commonplace. What do you think were examples of cars from the past that seemed to really look like they were from the future?

Image source: Hemmings