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Holiday Road – A 1990 Ford E-150 Chinook High Top, and it’s affordable!

Jim Brennan May 27, 2013 For Sale 22 Comments

1990 FORD E-150 CHINOOK HIGH TOP CONVERSION RV CAMPER! NICE VAN! $99 NO RESERVE! in RVs & Campers  eBay Motors - Google Chrome 5272013 85855 AM.bmp

Welcome to the first Holiday Weekend of 2013, and what better way to spend it than with an RV… No, I’m not talking about those overgrown mansions that take up two lanes on the freeway, or are as long as a city bus, but what about something that is no larger than a typical van, like this Chinook?

1990 FORD E-150 CHINOOK HIGH TOP CONVERSION RV CAMPER! NICE VAN! $99 NO RESERVE! in RVs & Campers  eBay Motors - Google Chrome 5272013 85902 AM.bmp

This RV will be able to do it all for you, no matter what your interests are. It is equipped with the Ford 351 Windsor V-8, Automatic, and is based on the tried and true 3rd generation of the Ford Econoline, so parts are very easy to find if and when you need them. Say your into fishing on the lake… Well, this truck can take you and your boat there, and you don’t have to shell out for a cabin…

1990 FORD E-150 CHINOOK HIGH TOP CONVERSION RV CAMPER! NICE VAN! $99 NO RESERVE! in RVs & Campers  eBay Motors - Google Chrome 5272013 85951 AM.bmp

So you want to go hike in the Adirondack Mountains… you can take this vehicle there, and have enough room for provisions, and your significant other when you eventually get tired of backpacking it. You don’t own a boat, or like to hike, but you do show off your pure bred Great Dane at Dog Shows. Well, this vehicle has that covered as well… It is just big enough for the crates and equipment needed to make sure Marmaduke is prepared to place best-in-show at your next event.

1990 FORD E-150 CHINOOK HIGH TOP CONVERSION RV CAMPER! NICE VAN! $99 NO RESERVE! in RVs & Campers  eBay Motors - Google Chrome 5272013 90208 AM.bmp

However, this van would probably work best as the tow vehicle, and home away from home for anyone who fields a 24-Hours-of-Lemons entry. It has enough power to tow that crap can of yours, it can sleep several people for short periods of time while you put your wreck back together through the night, and there is even storage for all the beer you can consume.

Fullscreen capture 5272013 90307 AM.bmp

The one neat feature about this van is the Solar Panel installed on this van that can be used when there is no electric hookup wherever you decide to venture. I would imagine that it isn’t powerful enough to run your power tools, but it could be good enough to charge your batteries for your computer, tablet, and cell phones.

1990 FORD E-150 CHINOOK HIGH TOP CONVERSION RV CAMPER! NICE VAN! $99 NO RESERVE! in RVs & Campers  eBay Motors - Google Chrome 5272013 90146 AM.bmp

This is one of those rare auctions that the vehicle will sell when the bidding closes as there is no reserve. Currently, the bidding is up to $2,025 with over eight days to go. Could you see yourself owning a relatively compact RV like this with the ability to tow your Boat, Dirt Bikes, Snowmobiles, or your Racecar to whatever event you choose? If so, then take a look here: 1990 Ford E-150 Chinook Camper

  • racer139

    A 7.3 turbo diesel conversion would make the fuel bill a bit more acceptable. That thing is clean and would make for a nice race car hauler here for the far away tracks. Just comfortable enough to be able to stay at the track for a night or two but not enough to have any tag alongs, which for me would be exellent.

    • Would that particular conversion fit in one of these? I'd think it would make access a bitch, if it's possible.

      • racer139

        Ive seen pics of it done but never in reality. I would imagine it will fit between the framerails and with a little trim to the floor and a new slightly larger doghouse it would work. Access would probably be tebetter to the top rear of the engine cause of the doghouse, come to think of it access would be just better.

        • I've got no firsthand experience with Fords except for one 84 Ranger & 70-something F100, both belonging to friends. Figured the 7.3 would be so much bigger & heavier that it might not work too well.

      • scoudude

        The 7.3 was option in this generation of Econoline IF it was a 250 or 350, admittedly a very rarely chosen option, so yeah it will fit since the only real difference is the rear axle, springs and brakes.

        • Much noisier inside with the 7.3?

          • scoudude

            I'm betting the racket in the van is pretty bad and that may be why very few people opted for a diesel.

  • OA5599

    Any RV used for napping at the races needs 2 things missing from this one to be really worthwhile:
    1. Restroom with toilet and shower
    2. Air conditioner (electric)

    • Speaking from experience, the most valuable thing you can do at the track is put an "Out of Order" sign on your RV's toilet.

      • racer139

        Yes definatly better to not have a crapper, I would rather walk ten miles to use their facilities than have a bunch of guys who have been eating crappy burgers(every track has these things) fries saussages and really really crappy coffee use ny bathroom and then have to sleep near it. nope not me!

        • OA5599

          I was thinking random burger-eating dudes would have to find their own places to crap. I don't expect to sleep with your wife, and I don't expect to poop in your RV.

          • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

            OA5599 noted good guy

  • Manic_King

    So what could be the final price, $5-8k? And it's better than 20k Westfalia because it accelerates when needed and tows, too.
    Natural gas conversion would help with fuel costs.

    • scoudude

      I bet for no more than $4K.

  • BobWellington

    Could you imagine me in this thing? That would be awesome.

  • dr zero

    I was a bit disappointed when there wasn't a rotor at each end.

    <img src="http://rafmuseum-1.titaninternet.co.uk/london/exhibitions/chinook/images/chinook1LG.jpg"&gt;

    I imagine this would be a bit pants filling.

    • HTWHLS

      Holy crap! This can't be a good angle for this thing..

      • I have home video of two smaller but similar CH-46 Sea Knights performing similar crazy acrobatics during "UnRep" (Underway Replenishment) maneuvers at sea. It was amazing to watch those two machines dance in the sky back and forth between the ships. Jaw-dropping. Unpossible. Insane.

        There were wires and towers and pointy rotor-shredding parts of the ships VERY close, and the ships themselves were bobbing, heaving and rolling, and it was WINDY as hell, yet here are these two pilots having fun plopping pallets and crates of supplies back and forth and flying away and spinning through the air at crazy angles…

        …like a giant flying-death-defying-ballet.

        Beautiful man, beautiful.

  • MVEilenstein

    I'd drive it. These things are really comfortable on the highway, and as mentioned, have plenty of power for towing.

    • scoudude

      If they have the 351 and a good gear ratio. The 302 can be weak for towing if not equipped with the right gears.