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Teach yourself BMW, for free! Up to 2008!


We all love picking up free stuff. Whether it’s the last spoonful of an abandoned dessert left on your restaurant table, or a flyer for a distant rummage sale you’ll never attend in a month of Sundays, if you can get it for free, then waste not want not.

And so it is with the press downloads section on the BMW website. Usually downloadable content on corporate communications websites tends to be drier than a Martini in the Atacama, with company reports, environmental disclosures, nothing of interest unless there really is something wrong with you.

Two .pdfs, though, did seem to be of marginal interest. Directories of every BMW car or bike produced since the 1920s, all for free! The catch is that they haven’t been updated since 2008, but the thought is there. Get ’em while they’re hot just after the jump.

BMW Cars up to 2008

BMW Motorcycles up to 2008

Print ’em out and make ’em into interesting wallpaper for your office; compile them into a handy pre-2008 revision tool or simply a wonderful gift for that special someone. The choice is yours. Whatever you do, say thanks to BMW.

Note to BMW: Update please! Thank you.

  • This will be useful background material to help me interact with the various teutonophiles I meet, mostly through this site. Now if Porsche could produce a similar document to help me sort out all those identical-looking cars…

    • JayP2112

      Someone made a spotter's guide for the different years of the B5 Audi A4.
      Pics of wheels, fenders, engines, lighting, interior options and even the one year only '96 wide rear place recess.

      Someone had a lot of spare time.

  • Telkinsjr

    That's really cool. All three of my current cars are in there. 135i, 635csi and Cooper s. thanks for the find

  • dukeisduke

    Okay, BMW, get busy updating it! I got my copies.

  • Neen85

    Did BMW never make a post-80's bike with less than 800cc of displacement?!