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Craigslist Find – 1959 Edsel Ranger

Marcal Eilenstein May 1, 2013 All Things Hoon 18 Comments


Fresh from the pages of the book A Face Only a Mother Could Love, I present to you the 1959 Edsel Ranger.

This short-lived model has become somewhat collectible, given its low production numbers and, let’s say, unique styling. This particular car, the 2-door hardtop, was limited to just 5,966 original examples.

Let’s see what the seller has to say about this snub-nosed, slab-sided sled:

Edsel Ranger, runs and drives great, was my daily driver for quite some time, never had any major issues. 292 wide block v8 with 2 speed automatic, only rust out on the car is under the doors (as pictured). The floorboards and frame are incredibly solid an has been well protected. trunk pan has some surface rust but nothing major. chrome was painted when i got the car and is lightly pitted. the front seat backrest has a couple holes in the upholstery, but rest of the seats are in good shape. a relatively easy project for restoration or just drive it the way it is for a classic patina cruiser. permanently licensed, not more tabs!  Clear title, Cash only, no trades,

Patina usually implies chrome, but most of it has been painted over. Also, rust in the trunk is not “nothing major,” in my opinion. Remember, this is western Washington, where moisture, mold, and moss all conspire to slowly consume cars. Moss can take hold on any car that isn’t regularly washed, no matter how new. He’s right about the interior; it needs some work, but it’s not beyond help (keeping in mind the mold). You could drive it as is and be comfortable.


However, is that a CD player I see bolted to the bottom of the dash? (There ought to be a law…) Slapping an aftermarket CD player on a classic dash is like putting airbags on a Conestoga wagon – both have their place, but not together. If you’re going to upgrade your sound, keep it tasteful: hide it in the glovebox!


I’m kind of a sucker for ugly cars, and I think the flat black bumpers look great with the ugly red paint. I once painted a Hot Wheels car a very similar shade of red (which I mixed myself in a Testors paint jar). Incidentally, it was this week in 1959 that Ford Motor Company reached the 50 million production mark. Ironic that such an unloved car was produced in such exciting times for the company.

What say you? Is this lone Ranger (come on, I had to) worth $3,000? Would you drive this ugly FoMoCo machine?

[Source: Craigslist]

  • $kaycog

    I really, really like Edsels. They're so unique and versatile.

    <img src="http://www.strangefarmer.com/images/content/156341.jpg"width="500"/&gt;

  • From the ad: "292 wide block v8…."

    Ahem. Y-block.

    Admittedly they are rather wide, though.

    • scoudude

      No Y-Block in an Edsel at least from the factory. They got the FE (Ford/Edsel) for the low end models and the MEL (Mercury/Edsel/Lincoln) for the high end models.

      • Dave C.

        In '58 maybe, but the '59s and '60s had the Y as an option.

  • Wolfie

    The "Y" block was used in so many configurations. The 390 and 406 were versions of that block.
    I see the inner grill on these Edsels as the base for some swoopy retro-rod.
    Duece coupe style.

    • scoudude

      No the Y-Block is not the basis of the FE (352,360,390,406,427,428) Even though it is a Y-Block design.

      • Wolfie

        Hence the term"version".

  • racer139

    Back in 99 or so a guy picked me up in a hot rodded 59 that looked shabbier than this one. Once I was in he took off and proceded to keep it at about 95 mph. The thing handled the road like it was on rails and I was impressed and asked what he had done to make that tub handle. His list was long but it was basically a corvette underneath with a built 351 and a five speed. The exterior was all original and untouched in two tone black and red(not exactly original but repainted early in its life) with enough wear through and surface rust to call it patina. Ive been looking online in that area ever since to see if it is still around but with no luck.

  • scoudude

    I'd rock it!

  • Aha! The grille from one of these (or the even more obscure Edsel Villager) adorns a bar called The Knockout in San Francisco. I was kind of puzzled by it's resemblance to the classic Edsel grille, but didn't recognize it; thought it was some Chrysler whimsy.

    Now I know.

  • Devin

    To his credit, at least, the CD player was mounted under the dash rather than cutting it up to actually put it in.

    Though, given technology now, it's about time someone starts making OEM-looking radios that have discreetly hidden USB and AUX ports. Unless that has happened already.

    • ReneM

      Already happened, search for Custom Autosound.

    • Vairship

      Or you can add a RediRad and play your MP3 player through your stock AM mono radio… http://www.rediscoveradio.com/

  • Dacket84

    Was watching Adventure Time and saw an Edsel

    <img src="http://bogleech.com/at/at-gross.jpg&quot; width="600">

    But seriously, the front of these cars always reminded me of something a little less suitable for children.

  • Garland137

    I've always loved Edsels. I don't get why people think they're ugly. They're not beautiful like, say, a Corvette is, but they're not "ugly."