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American Detours: Episode 2 – Grabber Green and Mardi Gras Gold

Jeff Glucker April 30, 2013 American Detours, Featured, Hoonivercinema 12 Comments

American Detours 1971 Ford Mustang Episode 2

American Detours is back for another episode. We’re still in southwest Louisiana but we’re checking out a few new places, and we’ve got a different classic car to experience. This time around the machine being utilized is a 1971 Ford Mustang, and our waypoints are a Mardi Gras Museum and a Cajun kitchen that is a local favorite. At the Mardi Gras Museum, I manage to wiggle my larger body into a classic outfit worn by past Mardi Gras kings. After that we make our way to Hollier’s Cajun Kitchen where we learn exactly what boudin is, how to make sausage, and … how to eat sausage. Clearly I’ve eaten enough, as you can tell from the episode, which is waiting for you after the break.

Make sure you watch all the way through the credits at the end because we’ve got a few behind the scenes shots for you.

YouTube Preview Image
  • JayP2112

    Interesting show.
    I love the car- even if it was an automatic. Now I'm looking to see if Cragar has 18" wheels for my car.

    But that's not Grabber Green. There wasn't a Lime Gold for 1971, so I'm thinking it is Medium Green.

  • http://o2richenvironment.blogspot.com/ engineerd

    Nice boots, Jeff.

    • http://www.Hooniverse.com Jeff_Glucker

      (psst that shot was my idea by the way)

      • http://o2richenvironment.blogspot.com/ engineerd

        I hope to see them show up in a future video car review.

  • http://hoonart.wordpress.com/ Bryce Womeldurf

    That's the way to do it right. Get something to work on, but something that doesn't scream "I NEED WORK." At a glance that Mustang looks perfect. Also, I kept wondering whether that was the bridge on I-10 that goes over the Mississippi, near Baton Rouge. My wife and I did a road trip from Tampa to Houston last year and it reminded me of that trip.

  • 0ToTuttiFrutti

    Ah, yes, the Foxy Grandma. I had a co-worker who had one of these, and he bought it with a bumper sticker indicating the sexual prowess of the post-maternal driver.

    The Foxy Grandma had a persistent exhaust leak, as I imagine did the previous owner.

  • MVEilenstein

    Another good episode. Would love to hear more about the car – what was it like to drive?

  • dukeisduke

    And Jael de Pardo? Oh my. A nice Colombiana.

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