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This Murena GT is a Hybrid Shooting Brake from 1969

Tim Odell April 24, 2013 For Sale, Wagon Wednesday 16 Comments

Intermeccanica Murena GT for  sale

Of course, by “hybrid” we mean the best kind: European design and coachwork combined with an American power-train. Sure, the angry overhead cam sixes and fours from The Continent make wonderful noises, but there’s something great about being able to pick up replacement parts at your local chain store. This Intermeccanica Murena GT features a hi-po Ford 429c.i. V8 backed by a C6 automatic. Only 10 or 11 were ever built, but both Dean Martin and Elvis Presley each owned one. The overall styling is not unlike another Hooniverse favorite, the Espada.

This particular example looks to be in incredible shape, with clean paint and a cleaner interior. The rear’s a bit curious, as it looks to be designed for a pair or rear seats that aren’t present. Either that, or the fronts are allowed to recline all the way back for…well, just because. Were we to pick it up, we’d make sure that 429 was properly hot-rodded, and probably swap the wheels and tires to something that – tastefully – actually fills the wheel wells (and isn’t obviously from the Ford Parts bin).

And then we come to the price: $44,888. One one hand, that’s cheap for a 1 of 10 1960s Italian custom, on the other $45,000 is nine $5,000 wagons.

eBay Motors – 1969 Intermeccanica Murena GT



  • facelvega

    Roadside conversation in Hollywood, 1969:
    "Holy hell, is that an Iso Grifo?"
    (car drives by)
    "Nah, I must be seeing things. It was just an LTD wagon."

    • Modeleccentric

      No kidding…That's why I like it so much! Thanks for the belly laugh!

  • Not bad at all. I do like the black on black for maximum terrors.

  • Sjalabais

    Not the most lovely metal butt I have seen, but it should be a lot of fun in there… Cool car. Would leave it as is.

  • Modeleccentric

    I'll take it..I love the oddball IM stuff.

  • That's magnificent; although it does kind of look like an aborted prototype for a Jensen Interceptor, with a Gremlin rear end.

    Or, give it some obnoxious wheels and it could be some kind of Ford J Mays era Detroit Motorshow press queen.

  • Number_Six

    It's got an evil Maybach Exelero vibe. *swoon*

    What are those wheels called? They're amongst my fave muscle-car era wheels.

    • Rover1

      In the UK, Rostyles ( as on Jensens and Rover P5BS ) on US Fords ,Magnums.

  • oldcarjunkie

    I owned a '69 Reliant Scimitar GTE for a while – this sort of resembles one on roids.

  • Van_Sarockin

    Shame about the wheels and the automatic. The back end does look like it came right off a Fairlane. Guess this isn't the Iso of my dreams.

  • mnoswad1

    Can we all stop calling every 2 door wagon a "shooting brake"? The origin of the term has nothing to do with contemporary 2 door wagons, as I understand it, the rare 2 door range rover would actually be closer to the original description of a "shooting brake".

    Was the mid 80's nissan pulstar with the hatch/cap a shooting brake?

    • mnoswad1

      edit……".Nissan Pulsar NX Sportbak"

    • Hate to break it to you, but the Murena's pretty much the definition of a shooting brake: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting-brake

      2 door wagon with an air of aristocracy about it, a grand tourer wagon. Generally RWD.

      Pulsar NX = hatchback
      Reliant Scimitar, P1800 ES = shooting brake

      Chevy Nomad or other classic 2-door American wagons from the 50s-60s = probably a sedan delivery, but that definition tends to suggest no rear windows.

      • mnnoswad1

        Your referencing the re-coined definition from 2006, not the original definition.

        Good point about the Nomad vs. delivery….but by current definition the Nomad must have been a Shooting Brake then and didn't mean to be?

        That wiki post made the point……"a vehicle used to carry shooting parties". It WAS basically an SUV for hunters to begin with, not a sports wagon, or delivery sedan. So the 2 door range rover is more of a "shooting brake" than a 2 door sport wagon ever was. Thus the term is being mis-used, but more importantly…..overused. Just because a writer at the NYT got creative in 2006 with a thesaurus of automotive terminology doesn't mean we all have to jump on the bandwagon. I cringe when I hear it.

        A "brake" WAS basically a wagon…or carriage…or chassis……the term and definition are antiquated. "Shooting Brake" sounds pretentious……and dumb. More important, inaccurate in all regards to the current 2 door sport wagons that were applying the definition to. Id rather we call them "Hunch-Backs". Seems fitting, think Ferrari FF.

        I say shooting brake would be (if we had to keep saying it)……2 door SUV. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4

        Shooting brake is not…….Ford Pinto sport wagon. http://cache.gawkerassets.com/assets/images/12/20

        "another" site had some stuff that we all prob read already.

        Damn that Reliant Scimitar looks good.

  • nutzforautos

    This looks like a fat Alfa in the front, a squashed 69 Charger in the rear and the top portion of a hearse.

    Widen the wheels and tires, tint the windows and swap in some square headlights..and I'd hoon this thing for days. Of course, at this price, …meh.

  • Marto

    Not wide enough, low enough or long enough!