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Wagon Wednesday: Travelling The A40


So this olelongrooffan is now settled down here in tony Palm Beach, Florida and I have had the good fortune to see a whole dang bunch of automobile related stuff since my arrival. I think it was my first or second weekend here that I was able to scout up the 13th Annual All Brit Car Show up in Jupiter, not only Smokey’s, of Smokey and the Bandit fame, hometown but also a town just a couple up the Atlantic Coast from TheStuccoBox. Of course, this olelongrooffan wanted to wait until the revered Mr. Emslie posted his images from the Queen’s Car Show out on the other coast prior to putting up any from this one on the off chance this show may have upstaged his.

Yeah, like this olelongrooffan is ever gonna upstage Mr. E on anything. I mean, did my fellow Hoons check out the post about that show he did on Tuesday? Some extremely rare and beautiful automobiles and bikes were in attendance last Sunday. This olelongrooffan did note a distinct shortage of longroofs at that show so I thought I might pop up a couple here for our Wagon Wednesday fix. We all probably know this is a Morris Minor Traveller from the Morris Garages but my fellow Hoons will need to make the jump to the other side to see any more images of the longroofs spotted that day.


As my fellow Hoons may have noticed, that first image is just a touch blurry. This particular show was the final curtain call for my elcheapoebayacquired image taker. (A special note of thanks to Bus-Plunge in its acquisition some five years ago.) That old cheapy was a real trooper and I would suspect I captured at least 4-5,000 images on it over the years. Yeah, 28 bucks was a real deal. Now I have a real SLR that is more complicated to run than any of the vehicles I spotted that day in this beach-side park. Plus another decent point and shoot is also at my disposal. While my ole image taker performed well most of the time, don’t expect to see any blurry images of picnic tables in any of my future posts. And $kaycog, cool your jets, you’ll be able to see more of that red beauty to the right in an upcoming post.


But enough about that and more about this woody longroof. Not surprisingly, this was not the first Morris Woody longroof this olelongrooffan had ever seen. I know I have an image or two of a blue one I had seen many moons ago at some event up there in the World Center of Racing but I am just to dang lazy to go find it. But trust me my fellow Hoons, it is somewhere in my library. And, yes, a part of me wanted to go up to that little girl and scold her for touching this show car but the rational part of this olelongrooffan just turned to check out this longroof.


This was the emblem on the side of the hood bonnet of this sweet old longroof. That’s correct my fellow Hoons they had to put “of England” as a part of the script as if there were tons of automakers named Austin around the world at that time. Actually, I thought it was pretty cool. And while this longroof was top notch all the way around, there was some evidence of tin worms seen here and there. I mean heck, this is a British car and this is coastal Florida, you’re gonna have that.


But my fellow Hoons, just check out everything that is going on in this full frontal image of that Austin of England offering. From the  air dam under the front bumper up to the solo fog lamp just above the full width front bumper to the seamed front fenders, aero like hood to the wing vent mounted mirrors to the fresh air intake on the roof of this sweety, nearly every design element of its day is included in this rare longroof. Also,  the first Hoon who can identify, exactly, the first car directly behind this longroof (visible through the front windscreen) is entitled to some swag this olelongrooffan got from some travels somewheres. Do so in the comments section.


The wide white walls, fender skirts and barn doors out back just add to the overall appeal of this gunship grey coloured 1950 Austin of England A40 Panel Van.


And the owner of it had outfitted the cargo area of his panel van with a whole bunch of near period correct gear. What I wouldn’t do for that set of vintage coveralls. Note the overhead spot light to illuminate the rear area.


Yeah, this ole longroof sure captured my attention as well as a few other oddball types such as this olelongrooffan. Ironically, the area surrounding the new Bentleys and Rolls Royces was packed all day long. As if I really cared.

Anyway, as the old saying goes, once the dam has been opened, it is hard to stop the flow and that holds true for some more images from this show and ramblings from this olelongrooffan about it.

Til then.

Images Copyright Hooniverse 2013/longrooffan

  • Appears to be a TVR Griffith

    • Alff: Correct in the TVR designation but it is also a 200 V8. But drop this olelongrooffan an email at my copyright name at aol with your snail mail address and I'll get some swag off to you soon.

  • LBJ's Love Child

    Love it! Two of my all-time personal favorite cars parked side-by-side! A Morris Minor Traveller and a Ford GT!


  • MVEilenstein

    There was a Traveller for sale up here for a while, in red. Not really my cuppa, but it was pretty cool-looking. Nice find.