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Hooniverse Asks- What’s The Most Tragic Almost Was?

Robert Emslie April 17, 2013 Hooniverse Asks 105 Comments


Everyone has a dream. For most that dream may be just a few beers and some hot wings at Hooters on a Friday night, but for a select few it’s realizing in metal and rubber their vision of automotive perfection. Take the Momo Mirage above for example. It represents the vision of Alfred Momo, former team manager for Briggs Cuningham, and Peter Kalikow, who sought Momo’s advice after finding the handling of his initially desired Aston Martin to be underwhelming.  The two entered into partnership to build this remarkably clean and powerful touring car, but as is frequently the case, financial difficulties squelched their plans. Such a shame.

It isn’t just individuals with delusions of grandeur that come close to capturing that elusive gold ring. Back in the sixties, Pontiac developed a SOHC straight six with the intent of appearing an automotive technological leader. They also wanted to have a sports car in which to show the engine off, and built the Banshee as its star stage. Unfortunately Chevy caught wind of the project and, feeling it would take sales and hence profits away from the Corvette, got the GM overlords to kill it. So close.

That’s a couple of examples of cars that almost were, which had they been, could possibly have also been great, and maybe still could be. Got that? What do you think, what are some other cars that came within a hair’s breadth of production, and who’s failure to do so you lament? What, in your mind, is the most tragic almost was? 

Image source: SportscarDigest