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American Detours: Taking in the Creole Nature Trail by way of a 1963 (and a half) Ford Galaxie

american detours ford galaxie episode one

It’s here! The first episode of American Detours is now live, and I’ve embedded the video for you after the break. This is the first of two parts dedicated to Louisiana’s Creole Nature Trail. In Episode One, host Jael De Pardo and myself are driving a lovely 1963.5 Ford Galaxie and we use it to check out Lloyd’s Country Store and the Southwest Louisiana Wildlife Nature Refuge.

Click past the break and check out the show! Also, the www.AmericanDetoursTV.com website should be up with more information soon. It will showcase the cars, routes, and places where we stop. On top of that, it will let you help us pick the routes for season two.

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. toxicavenger1 says:

    Interesting show,well done. I had a 1964 Ford with the 390/4speed it was some sweet car.

  2. skitter says:

    Weird little rhyming synchronicity that your first two episodes are out in the apocalyptic swamps of Louisiana where I worked for two years, and then my home state. Nice job on the show. Hard not to have fun with an interesting car on a country road.

  3. longrooffan says:

    Excellent thus far…but at 3:27 in….original is not the same as stock on that old stovebolt…

    At 7:03…is that a cop behind you?

    I agree, any mods under the hood or suspension wise is okay but keeping the interior stock is mandatory. Kudos to the owner(s) of this rare 63.5 for doing so.

    Excellent tour through the Creole Nature Trail as well. The pink flamingos of Miami Vice fame get their color the same way.

    Finally, have Al run the credits a bit slower so we old folks can keep up with what is what…

    But dang, you have a great job.

    I will definitely share this and stay tuned for future episodes.

    • Jeff_Glucker says:

      haha, yes – did you notice my eyes do the double take when I realized it was a cop behind us?

      • longrooffan says:

        yeah, after a couple flash back looks I did see that…thought you might have historic Mad Science moment in time with that beast….

        keep this olelongrooffan in mind should that American Detour's crew ever hit the Sunshine State..there might be something here after all.

  4. MVEilenstein says:

    This is great stuff, Jeff. There are some simply stunning drives in the Evergreen State; I highly recommend coming here. The Cascade Loop highway is probably the most popular, but anywhere you go east of Seattle and west of Spokane is probably going to make for an enjoyable trip.


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