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NYIAS 2013: Photo dump of GM, trucks and the rest

Kamil Kaluski March 29, 2013 New York Auto Show 19 Comments

last dump

It’s been two great days. For me,  the New York Auto Show is an annual two-day escape from the reality of my day job and my family. I love going there, seeing everything, and talking to a lot (but not all) the people there. Like any vacation, it’s never long enough. See you next year, Javits Center.

This is the last photo dump. We didn’t cover everything as that’s impossible for two people, but we did cover what we thought was interesting. Enjoy the pics, all feedback is always appreciated.

DSC_0038 (Copy)

Aerodynamics become crucial at high speeds

DSC_0039 (Copy)

Still one of my favorite off-roaders, now on proper tires too. Honest and simple, get them while you can.

DSC_0040 (Copy)

Lipstick on a pig. Bad lipstick… really, really bad lipstick.

DSC_0041 (Copy)

Downstairs was full of so-called “tuner cars” – meh.

DSC_0042 (Copy)

Question – at what point does a pickup truck become a really big truck? This thing was huge!

DSC_0043 (Copy)

New RAM van. Similar in concept to the Transit, oh so Euro, too.

DSC_0044 (Copy)

Got to say, this side door opening to superior to any previous full-size American van.

DSC_0045 (Copy)

Oh so Euro dash… it’s about time.

DSC_0046 (Copy)


DSC_0047 (Copy)

Gotta go Ace Ventura driving this…

DSC_0048 (Copy)

Subaru’s first hybrid. I recently reviewed the XV Crosstrek and liked it a lot. This hybid version seemed even more jacked-up.

DSC_0049 (Copy)

GM had its own pavilion, over to the side. I heard many-a-auto-journo complain about how far it was from the rest of the show. Waaahhh….

DSC_0050 (Copy) DSC_0051 (Copy)

Jeff’s fav vehicle at the show.

DSC_0052 (Copy)

Gotta say… very handsome. 420hp TT V6 is impressive too.

DSC_0053 (Copy)

LED all the cars!!!!

LED all the trucks!!!

DSC_0054 (Copy)

Chevy SS. I love it. I loved the G8 too, and this is more handsome. And yes, I love how understated it is. Remember the original M5? Wolf in sheep’s clothing… same idea here. I’ll take mine in black.

DSC_0055 (Copy)

Great seats, much improved interior over the G8. What’s not to like?

DSC_0056 (Copy)

Again… understated. In the days when everything is wild and crazy, this is a welcome change.

DSC_0058 (Copy)

Is this the SS, the Impala, or the Malibu?


DSC_0060 (Copy)

She was very nice. The car wasn’t bad either.

In hind side, I should have invited her to our Hooniverse/Blip-shift meet-up as I would have loved to see Jack Baruth in action.

DSC_0063 (Copy)

Chevy Volt hardware but tuned for more power. Great looks too.

DSC_0067 (Copy)

This was in the truck of the Caddy ELR. Usually you see sixteen switches there, but I guess nine will work too.

DSC_0070 (Copy)

Yes. Want. Gimme.

DSC_0071 (Copy)

Gotta say… it’s an interesting concept.

DSC_0072 (Copy)

How do you get all the journalists in the show to come to your press conference which is about a face-lift on a low-volume model? You hire Tom Colicchio, of Bravo’s TopChef (ask your wife/girlfriend if you don’t know), to make appetizers and have an open bar. John Krafcik, and his team, is a genius. I couldn’t even get to the Equus.

I hope you enjoyed our coverage of the show. It was mostly just Jeff and I, and it really is as much fun as it seems… but it really is a lot of running around too. While some full-time real autojournos will complain about attending shows such as this… well, they need to STFU. They’re wrong. And if they don’t like what they’re doing, there are plenty other real jobs out there which could to complain about.


  • stigshift

    I need a Corvan! Jeff has taste far beyond his years.

  • JayP2112

    The Greenbrier was a photobooth- saw it at the DFW show. The Chevy lady was really excited (too excited) about trying to get me and my son into that thing with props to get photos made.

    Lady, all I wanted was a Corvette booklet.

    • OA5599

      Did she try offering free candy?

      • JayP2112

        No, puppies.
        Wait… DAMN!!

        • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

          Was she wearing a sweater?

          • Dean Bigglesworth

            I hope not. Or maybe i hope she did. I don't know. I mean if she was only wearing a sweater then i suppose it's cool. Or do I?

  • Dacket84

    Love those pics! Wish I could've been there. That Ram Van reminded me of something I seen on the road today: The Nissan NV1500… These things are simply gargantuan! I should have grabbed a pic… it dwarfed the Ram pickup that was next to it.

    <img src="http://i188.photobucket.com/albums/z241/expeditioncampers/NV1500.jpg"&gt;

    • MVEilenstein

      I'm seeing more and more of them around here. The business next door to ours just bought two and put them straight to work.

      • Dacket84

        Same here. The one I seen recently was a parts service van for the Nissan dealership it came from (I assume). The same dealership also had a silver one for sale on the lot. Hard to miss, sticks out like a sore thumb hah.

  • craigsu

    "In hind side"? Nice Freudian slip there, Kamil.

  • FuzzyPlushroom

    I absolutely adore the SS, although it seriously needs old-school badging of some kind… 'Chevelle', perhaps, since 'Impala' is taken.

    Wouldn't kick that Corvan out of bed, either… or the GT-R or Juke for that matter.

  • JayP2112

    The SS needs a manual.
    Otherwise it stays in the periphery of OMG sedans with the Charger RT/SRT and current SHO.

  • I also like the understated appearance of the SS. I'd go for one in plain white with black steel wheels.

    • sporty88au

      Should be easy to do, if you have access to somebody who knows their way around the GM option codes – what you just described is essentially an Australian police car, except in left-hand-drive. Tick the right boxes, and you might even be able to get a full HSV (Holden Special Vehicles, think of it as Holden's answer to BMW's M department) GTS mechanical package underneath the plain-jane bodywork, but I doubt the 'chaser' rims would clear the HSV brakes.

  • AmericanHoon

    A. At a show for new automobiles, that exquisite 45 yr old van was the best.

    B. That Volt looks amazing. . . evolving into a Cadillac ?

    C. Hind sight.

  • That Greenbrier was awesome, even if the interior was converted into a photobooth…

    Z/28 may have been my new car favorite though… I didn't expect that much awesome, especially in Camaro form.

    • JayP2112

      The Z/28 shows that someone up the chain (Reuss?) has some balls to let something like this get made.

      That really is the first Camaro I've ever liked.

  • LSB Scott V

    Last paragraph says it all. That's exactly what it's all about.