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Random Bet: Tell me something odd about this ‘Vette

Jeff Glucker March 25, 2013 All Things Hoon 43 Comments


I stumbled into a friends custom build shop, and there’s a Corvette sitting here.

I couldn’t spot the unique bit of fabrication going on at first, but I made a bet that you, dear reader, would find it right away.

Don’t make me lose this bet.

  • neight

    Conventionally opening hood, i.e. hinges at the back?

    • Jeff Glucker

      I love this website and it's readers… You just won me beer!

      • neight

        Pleased to help out. Make it a Spaten Oktoberfest if you are of a mind.

      • $kaycog

        "I stumbled into a friends custom build shop"……….perhaps you don't need another beer, Jeff. ;D

        • dukeisduke

          Yep, slow down on the beer and the stumbling will subside.

      • OA5599

        Oops! Jeff, sorry, I just saw your email telling me what to "guess" for you to win the bet. I'm glad you were able to do it yourself by signing in as a non-registered commenter.

        Enjoy the beer.

        • neight

          Such an accusation is an affront to my hoon bona fides. I demand satisfaction.

          I actually had an '81 Corvette, and recall reading that the front hinging hood is a styling tradition with the model from the beginning.

    • dukeisduke


  • Scandinavian Flick

    I can see how it would be easy to miss, but see… that's not the stock engine.

    • JayP2112

      I was hoping it was a SBFord in there…
      Just to mix it up a little.

      • Irishzombieman

        A Slant-6 would be amusing.

        • JayP2112

          Flat 4?

        • For some reason (blame being aware of Slant Six E30), I kinda wanna see a Slant Six in everything.

          • Irishzombieman

            We had a slant-6 Valiant when I was growing up with a hole in the muffler. I loved the sound that car made. Mom wouldn't drive it.

    • Acura V6 yo.

      • Wiremaster

        VTEC, yo.

    • Felis_Concolor

      Seeing 5 cutouts per side on the engine cover has me wondering if there might be a V10 shoehorned in there.

      • Scandinavian Flick

        That would be more awesome than the centrifugal supercharged LS motor I assume it is.

  • The side coves have been re-sculpted too.

    The grill didn't originally have an emblem in the middle, it appears to have been moved down from the nose.

    Is that a straight six?

  • vetteman61

    I thought since it was supposed to be difficult that it would be the custom emblem mounted on the center sharks tooth in the grill

    • vetteman61

      Oh, and that every other tooth had to be removed to provide the correct spacing for that special (and terrible) addition

  • Devin

    There's something funky going on in the side scallop, the chrome teeth shouldn't be there and the whole vent in the side thing is from a later model.

  • Devin

    What is this spring you speak of?

  • smokyburnout

    Super Sport badge on the firewall, all spelled out. Why

    • It actually says the name of the shop "Scared Shiftless"

  • PotbellyJoe

    Love that stuff, when I'm in MI in the spring, I pick up a mini-keg of it every year and (for any ATF agents) it happens to make it to a BBQ in NJ.

    No better summer beer. If only NJ's distribution laws and Mr. Bell were in better agreement…

  • Bruno Balestra

    With the skills and knowledge people like Katech and Lingenfelter or Callaway have with SBCs, I´d like to see at least one of them do a V12 version of the LS7. N/A, 10,5 liters, pushrods and all the hardware from the regular production angine. Shouldn´t be TOO hard for one of them right? And I bet they could even sell a small run of them like chevy does with their crat 502s and such.
    How awesome would it be to see the next Callaway ´Vette with that V12 under the hood intead of the expected supercharger on the regular LT1? Or a Twin turbo version powering the next Venom or SSC Tuatara…… Now THAT would be awesome. Way cooler than the Veyron´s W16 quad turbo

    • Felis_Concolor

      I'd love to see that taken one step further, with a reprisal of the "cost be damned" V16, and built on the recent Sixteen's LS-based foundation.

      I found it amusing to read of VW's childish response to the Sixteen's debut and its stated 1,000 hp engine. "Oh yeah? Well, our engine makes one thousand and one horsepower, nyeaahhh!"

      The only real downside to a V16 LSx would be finding an appropriately long engine bay to fit the power plant into. Perhaps some clever packaging of accessory components coupled with relocated radiators (side breathers, perhaps?) could open the field up enough to give it a wider audience.

      • Bruno Balestra

        That would really be nice, but I think the V12 might fit under the new flagship Caddy more easily and thus, justify its development. Since they are reportedly targeting the S class and 7 series, they might as well have a twelve. Can you imagine a huge N/A beating the turbo´ed germans AND still boasting pushrods? Oh the joy! plus, it would look way better doing so than the germans ever will

    • BlackIce_GTS
      • Bruno Balestra

        That is THE coolest american car ever. Period. Might be the my new favorite

  • Joe Dunlap

    I know, I know, I know! Its the dual-circuit master cylinder! What do I win?