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Hang out with Hooniverse & Blipshift in New York City

hooniverse and blipshift meet up

Our bags are packed, pre-flight. Zero-hour… um, sometime tomorrow at like seven-ish. It’s that time again for Hooniverse to dive head first into the Big Apple and take in the all the shiny new metal shown at the 2013 New York Auto Show. We have something special in store this year, however, and it involves you.

Well, it involves you if you live close enough to come join us at a bar and down some drinks. On Wednesday March 27th, we’re teaming up with our friends at Blipshift, and we’re hunkering down to take over a portion of SMITHFIELD (215 W 28th St, between 7th Ave & 8th Ave) from 6pm until 8pm (or until they kick us out, whichever comes first).

The Blipshift crew will have stickers and maybe a few bonus gifts on hand. I’m bringing… um, Kamil, and maybe a few stickers as well. But you don’t care about the gifts, I know you just want to talk cars and booze – so if you’re in the area COME ON DOWN and help us unwind after a day faking nice-nice with all the other “journalists”!

  • Hey, how about next time you're in Austin, you look ME up and buy ME a beer. I will bring stickers.

    • Devin

      And next time you're in SK…

      You're never in SK…

      (Sits in corner and pouts.)

  • Dean Bigglesworth

    Hmm.. The cheapest flights there and back would be about 960€, with a 12 hour layover in Moscow. Sadly it's a bit lot out of my price-range for a couple of beers.

  • citroen67

    <img src="http://t.qkme.me/3tiv13.jpg"&gt;

    I totally would have brought beer.

    • Because our brains were broken from the cold temperatures in Detroit.

      • citroen67

        Jeff…as I sit here and look out my window at the remaining five inches of snow on the ground, and the 30 degree temperature on this, the sixth day of spring, and I try desperately to shake off a five month brain-freeze…I accept that as a valid excuse!

  • LSB Scott V

    I wish we could have stayed a bit longer! Fun times were had, and random, yet epic, car talk was prevalent.

  • njhoon

    Well, that stinks. I got a new dog at the wrong time, I could have been drinking with the Hooniverse. I totally would have blown off work on Wednesday and Thursday to go drinking. Nope, I don't have a problem.