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Last Call- Cross Dressing Edition

Robert Emslie March 7, 2013 Last Call 36 Comments


There’s so much incongruous gender attestation going on with this truck that I don’t know where to start. I think I’ll just leave this here and let you ponder its potential meaning.

Image source: Imgur

  • dr zero

    Queensland plate. That explains a lot.

    • Devin

      I thought he was French for some reason.

      • I bet you eat "American fries".

        • Devin

          Nah, I just saw some low-hanging fruit.

    • FuzzyPlushroom

      Oooo, f'ck.

    • Marto

      Ha ha, that's immediately what I thought!

  • $kaycog

    Could that mean Ute 'R Us?

  • scroggzilla



    Uterus apart with some of these pictures.

  • stigshift

    I am never speechless, Except now.

  • <img src="http://www.metalmaidens.com/gwar8_gross.jpg&quot; width=500>

    Verily! 'Tis the conveyance of no mere mortal but that of Slymenstra Hymen, whose devotion to Oderus Urungus far surpasses her ability to spell. Mock not, lest ye be eviscerated.

    • Irishzombieman

      I don't know what that is. But I shall have nightmares of it until I die.


    U ter us Tonneau cover. U make mad.

  • Freddie Mercury

    'Round here, we call that a Sport and Leisure Urban Truck (SLUT).

  • dukeisduke

    The back end of a third-gen Mitsubishi Triton, it's best angle. The front end is damn ugly.

    • jeepjeff

      Even with the truck nuts? I'm afraid to GIS now.

  • Juan Uterus does not appreciate us making fun of his truck.

    • Vairship

      Judging by the license plate, I'm pretty sure that's Bruce Uterus.

  • OA5599
  • Irishzombieman

    As I've said before, I need to carry a can of florescent pink spray paint around with me, with which I'd re-color every set of truck nuts I see. Owners should know what people really think of them.

    • calzonegolem

      Umm… that they have … pink … nuts?

      • Irishzombieman

        Yes. Exactly.

        • calzonegolem

          What if man with a dark complexion owned that vehicle? Maybe you need a brown can also. For accuracy.

          • Irishzombieman

            Dang. You're right.

            And a can of yellow. For people with jaundice.

            This is getting too complicated.

            • calzonegolem

              Blue for those forever alones and smurfs.

              • Irishzombieman

                Green, for zombies.

                • Vairship

                  I think the only color you need is blue, because guys with truck nuts usually haven't gotten laid in a while.

    • Devin

      I've seen peach-colored truck nuts, so they probably wouldn't notice, or would appreciate the change.

  • TechEd

    The term "Uterus" as a slang term for a "Ute" has been used here in Oz for decades.

    The registration plate and the "nuts" are a mating symbol of a breed of humanoid known as Bogans.