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Down on the Amsterdam Street – Mercury Grand Marquis

Antti Kautonen March 1, 2013 Streetwalker 16 Comments


The Buick wasn’t the only old American car we saw in Amsterdam. No sir-ee, this 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis completely caught our eyes and captured our minds. What can it be doing in Amsterdam – especially in such flawless condition? It was super clean, ridiculously nice.

After an exhausting but touching three-hour WWII tour all around town, and immediately before pancakes, this Grand Marquis was definitely photoworthy. Shot next to the Westerkerk, it was either this or a fresh herring stand that was the best thing in close vicinity.


The front chrome is flawless except for a single bird crap on the bumper. The car also voluntarily extends over the low railing on the canal side.


There is a landau roof, from the B-pillars rearwards. The wheels look to be in very nice condition too, and the taillights didn’t have any cracks on them.


It’s also been parked cautiously, so not to receive door knocks on its flanks. Those would definitely drive me up the wall on such a nice car, so I can see where he’s come for.



Official thumbs up for the Grand Marquis from your humble author. Now, it was time for pancakes.

[Images: Copyright 2013 Hooniverse / Antti Kautonen]

Currently there are 16 comments on this article:

  1. FuzzyPlushroom says:

    Wow, that's nice even for here. I suppose this would be the sort of example worth shipping halfway around the world.

  2. BobAsh says:

    A friend of mine drives a very similar one in Czech Republic. Different color, lower equipment level, but similar vintage. Great thing, even in Centram Europe.

  3. Alcology says:

    I spent most of high school in my friend's marquis. I do not miss it.

  4. Paul E says:

    It's time to play "Spot the Barge!" One of these floats alongside the road, the other's in the water….

  5. Devin says:

    I wonder what the owner is going to be like, because I've learned to be a bit wary of the Grand Marquis in my every day driving.

    • Devin says:

      I see I have drawn the ire of someone so it is best to explain myself. On these roads, the Grand Marquis is the steed of those most frightening of drivers – an old man in a hat with an old biddy in the passenger seat. But I suspect that someone who imports a Grand Marquis into Amsterdam might be an entirely different individual, since it's in good shape and would also take a degree of effort to get it. So, I'm curious what the owner's like, and how different they are from the Grand Marquis stereotype.

  6. MVEilenstein says:

    That car would fetch a good price over here. How was the interior?

  7. TurboBrick says:

    With that much front overhang you'd have to worry about the boats in the canal hitting your boat. That car just screams "retired Florida resident". If you want to experience this car the way most of it's owners do… Wait for the hottest day of the summer, park in direct sunlight for a couple of hours, then get in, burn your fingers on the chromed controls, make a stop at the liquor store and pharmacy on your way to the restaurant for dinner at 4:30 and bingo afterwards for the full effect.

    • stigshift says:

      You've gotta live here in F-Hell-A. Spoken like a true weary warrior. And great news! The Canadians are here! I am convinced that people from Ontario retire at the age of 18. It's the only way they could drive to Florida and get here by the time they're 65. Cause that's a LONG way to travel a 3.7 MPH.

      • TurboBrick says:

        LOL, no I escaped from there back in '06 after six years on the gulf coast. I do not miss all the divider-hopping, wrong way on a one way driving, and backing straight into oncoming traffic on US 41 antics that the snowbirds pulled.

  8. dukeisduke says:

    I had a friend (born in Michigan of British parents, he spent his first ten years in the US, his second ten in the UK, then moved back here, to Texas), and he wanted one of those things so bad. What can I say, he liked big American cars. He ended up buying a loaded '87 T-Bird LX when he got his first job out of college, the traded it for a '92 Grand Marquis. After that? A C4 Corvette convertible.

  9. dukeisduke says:

    Crap, someone stole the hood ornament. Other than that, it looks great.

  10. Great series Antti, good to see some of the homelands.

  11. dukeisduke says:

    It appears to have a cloth interior, so I'm assuming it's a GS (lower-line spec) rather than an LS.

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