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Top Gear USA filming in Reykjavík


Our readers are a great bunch, and we often get excellent stuff dropped at our tipsline. Keep ‘em coming!

From commenter Eywolf comes this scoop, fresher than Icelandic Hákarl shark: he was out driving in the Reykjavík city centre and saw what he identified as Top Gear USA filming an Icelandic special at the Hallgrimskirkja, slap bang in the middle of the city.




Let Eywolf tell of the sighting in his own words:

“Hey Guys, 

I was out and about in Reykjavik, and I spotted the crew of Top Gear filming three old beater SUV’s on snow tyres.
As you can see on the pictures they are next to Hallgrímskirkja – Church in the middle of downtown Reykjavík.

Unfortunately I didn’t have my DSLR with me this time, so they are of the “I shot this with a ham-sandwich”  - cellphone type as the film crew didn’t want cars stopping traffic.

They are a Ford Bronco, International Scout, and an old GMC pickup, all with TopGear -logo plates.

Judging by the vehicle choice, I think this might be a follow up for the Alaska special on Top Gear USA.”

Eywolf didn’t see any presenters while driving by, but that would’ve been a stroke of luck beyond belief.

The Hallgrimskirkja is a weirdly-shaped church, and next to it is the statue of Leif Ericson, the Norse explorer regarded as the first European to land in North America, nearly 500 years before Christopher Columbus. Way back in 1995, I spent a couple of days in Iceland myself and stayed at the Leifur Eiriksson hotel just a stone’s throw from the spot where these trucks were spotted.

But back to Eywolf’s comments:

“If this would have been Top Gear UK, they probably would have had an easier time finding cheap Toyotas or Jeeps, these Full-size old american pickups aren’t that popular with the 4×4 crowd here as their MPG sucks, mostly Diesel Toyotas, and Diesel or gasoline Ford Econolines and Excursions for the tourists.”


[Photos: Eywolf]


Currently there are "28 comments" on this Article:

  1. Kamil_K says:

    I spy a Land Rover Defender with fender flares!!

    Must go to Iceland!

  2. Scandinavian Flick says:

    This looks like an intriguing premise… Nicely spotted, Eywolf!

  3. BobWellington says:

    I really liked the Alaska special, even considering how not so great TG US is. I always love to see well shot off roading.

  4. MVEilenstein says:

    Mmmm Bronco.

  5. Tanshanomi says:

    Be careful. using "fresh" and "Hákarl" in the same sentence is dangerously close to dividing by zero. You could turn the universe inside out if you're not careful.

  6. LTDScott says:

    I believe the Chevy is a CUCV based on the holes in the grille. Mil-spec, yo.

  7. P161911 says:

    Now to guess who gets which truck.
    I say Adam has the Bronco, Rut the Chevy and Tanner the Scout.

  8. SSurfer321 says:

    Does TGUS have the budget for something like this? I'm thinking TGUK. If it is TGUK driver/ride as follows:
    Hammond: Scout because secret american
    Cpn Slow: Chevy because he likes all things military
    Clarkson: Bronco because process of elimination

  9. dculberson says:

    "Beater?" Each of these three is in better shape than any of my cars! …not that that's saying much, I guess. Three of my six vehicles aren't operational at the moment… Project city!

  10. Sjalabais says:

    I'm split about TGUS. All the presenters seem to be in love with themselves, which makes them annoying. On the other hand, it's a well-proven concept. It's about cars. Can't not watch it. Aggressive machinery in Iceland? Must watch it!

    • danleym says:

      It feels like a generic American reality show to me. I know TG UK has to stage some stuff, and occassionally they push it too far, but the whole TG US show has that cheap fakey feeling to it. But yes, cars are cool.

  11. P161911 says:

    That also appears to be a rather desirable 1978 or 1979 Bronco, the only Broncos equipped from the factory with a solid front axle. Making suspension lifts MUCH easier.

  12. JayP2112 says:

    I've been surprised with TGUS. I was never able to get TG Australia and had no hope for the US version. So far it has worked enough to keep my attention. The Car Show with Adam Corolla was garbage and I was really reaching to want to like it.

    Some youtubes are pretty good- check out Roadkill with the HotRod idiots. Just don't watch the ElCamino show during lunch.

  13. vetteman61 says:

    I'm glad they used large American trucks. Using small Japanese and European trucks and diesels would have been what UK Top Gear would use. This is Top Gear USA, so they know their audience and they're not making themselves just like Top Gear UK.

  14. danleym says:

    Looks cool, but- we have a Bronco, a Scout, and… a Chevy pickup? Really, Blazers aren't that hard to come by.

    Also, Iceland must have some very strict fender flare laws.


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