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Help A Hoon – AutoTempest Needs Your Help

Robert Emslie January 29, 2013 All Things Hoon 40 Comments


I look at a lot of car ads – I mean really a lot – every week. And my go-to tool of the trade for finding the gold among the old has been for some time now AutoTempest, the web site that lets you search for a particular make and model across multiple sales sites and not just in your own back yard. One thing that I lamented about AutoTempest however, was that while it provided access to all the major players in the car classified arena, it didn’t give you the ads from the enthusiast forums – where the really good stuff sometimes lies.
Well, I was talking with my buddy Court over at AutoTempest about this very thing, and he said dry your tears my friend because we’re planning on offering up searches of enthusiast forums. Because yeah, that would be cool. And here’s where YOU all come in, AutoTempest would like your help in offering up the specific marque forums, or specialty classified providers, that you think would be of value in such an engine. That means places like SwedeSpeed, BimmerForums, and  – oh my god – the VW Vortex, although those guys are crazy. Also, sites like OldRide.com and any other multi-marque classic advertiser will be much appreciated. 

Please provide your links in the comments section below and I’ll get them to the AutoTempest team. We’ll also be keeping tabs on their progress, and will let you know when they’re ready to share the new tool with the world. Oh, and you Hoons will get the first chance to do so when they are. Bonus! AutoTempest is an awesome tool for anyone looking to buy a car, determine values on the ones you already own, or just to stoke your automotive dreams, the least we could do is to help ’em make it even better.