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(MR.) FX32 Lemons Build Update

Scott Ith January 28, 2013 24 Hours of Lemons, Cars You Should Know 20 Comments


Previously called Mr. FX, the name is changing to FX32.  Whatever the name, the car is coming along nicely.  Click through for several pictures of the madness.

FX32aThe donor FX16

As I spend time working and cutting and grinding on this thing, I am really impressed with the vision it took to plan this merge.  Where to cut, what to cut, how they will fit back together…

FX32bOut with the old floor and rear suspension.

Most of the plan has come apart and back together just as planned.  Of course, there is still a lot of fitting and cleaning and welding left to do, plus all the stuff that ordinary Lemons teams do, like brakes and roll cages and themes and so forth. 

These photos pretty much speak for themselves, so I am going to defer my 1000 words until a later time.  For now, the doctors are trying to make me take my pills. 

FX32dIn with the MR2 floor, rear suspension, etc…

FX32eIt fits…pretty much.


These photos don’t really tell the whole story about how difficult this type of thing is.  There were a million adjustments made to get this far, and this is just a dry-fit.  It’ll be good to go by race day though.   

Stay tuned…


Scott Ith is an Associate Editor with Hooniverse.com, but he also contributes to his own site NeedThatCar.com.  Head over there for more hooniganism.


  • All my co-workers are staring at me.
    Must have something to do with all the giggling.

  • I was thinking about this the other night (that's what I do at nights, think about Hoon posts and others' Lemons cars), and it went something like this: "With one engine in the front, and another in the rear, where are they going to put the fuel tanks?"

    • One fuel tank, in the original MR2 location – under the center tunnel. A high output fuel pump with a tee will feed both engines. Reportedly, the two engines running at the same time only get about 30% worse fuel mileage than only one engine. It's becuase they are sharing the workload.

      • The only down side is that the MR2 tank only holds about 12 gallons of fuel, so we'll have to fuel at each driver change.

      • Can ya squeeze in a fuel cell in the passanger seat space… you're power and reliability is doubled, now double the range!
        Pinto-like fuel tank in the back perhaps?

        • Nope. Rule 3.25 goes into some detail concerning fuel tanks. Among other things, "…tanks or cells must be completely behind, or completely in front of, the driver (unless OE parts in their OE locations). No second fuel tanks allowed (unless OE parts in their OE locations)."

          As for a Pinto-esque solution, that only works for Pintos still sporting their original tanks. "If you decide to install a fuel cell, it must be securely mounted in a professional manner and must be installed in a safe location where it won't be damaged in an impact or drag on the ground if the car leaves the track–in other words, not too far back, and not too low down."

  • 0ToTuttiFrutti

    Does the Mr. 2 rear window frame count as a rollbar?

    • Sadly, no. Eventually, it will have a window in it, which will be part of the whole "isolate the driver from the rear engine" gig.

  • Looks darned near finished! Paint your race number on the side and you're good to go!

  • "…all the stuff that ordinary Lemons teams do, like brakes and roll cages and themes and so forth."

    Ah, right. Brakes. I guess I should have looked at our brakes at some point during the build. Well, maybe before the next race.

    • Brakes are so much less important when the car only goes 26 mph.

      • Pete claimed 70 mph. Pete is an honorable man; I refuse to doubt his word, even though I only managed 65 mph.

  • dculberson

    I am sad this is so far away.

    I do get to see Speedycop's mayhem that he's bringing to CMP, so that's a good consolation prize. But I want to see both!

  • wolfie

    Back in the day I built a quickie dune buggy out of 35 dollar Corvair.- Shortened and Renault buckets and a roll bar.
    Rockers reinforced with used road plow scraper blades. Automatic,so just put a loop in the shift cable. Hooned for 3 summers.
    Nice to see that a few of us are still out there .

  • Tom Lee

    I'm soooo sorry, it is just, well it looks like it is just, tooo danged cold to be doing anything outside. Do you fight over who gets to weld so you have some heat to warm up?????????
    Toooooo colllldddddddddddddd…….lol

  • Alcology

    I can't believe it wasn't posted before, but F/X2! Horrendous movie! You can claim that anything goes wrong is really just special effects. AND find a cop killer at the end of the race. What more do you want!

  • salguod

    As if this project isn't Hoonworthy enough, do I see a Fiat Multipla & a flat fender Jeep in the back of the garage?

    • Yep. The Hoon is strong with this group. Very strong. (The Jeep is a pickup)