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Robert Emslie January 25, 2013 Mystery Car




Today is January 25th and on this day in 2004 the Opportunity rover first landed on Mars, beginning its work towards uncovering that planet’s inscrutable mysteries. In celebration of that historical event, today’s Mystery Car is – unlike the Red Planet – blue.  Like Mars, today’s contender still has mysteries to be unlocked, such as its very identity.

That ID must include make, model, year-range and likely motivational force, i.e. engine, for full credit. Extra credit if you get all that, and you’re a Martian.

Image: [©2013 Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved]

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  1. kyle_a_m says:

    I'm going to guess…Canon SD-series point and shoot?

  2. mdharrell says:

    That appears to be the distinctive shape and location of the fuel filler on a Fiat 850 Spider.

    <img src="http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8361/8332536135_b8470688ea.jpg&quot; width="500">

  3. Graverobber says:

    I knew this one was going to be too easy. Well done!

    • mdharrell says:

      Thanks! It looked utterly strange until it clicked that this was something I'd actually seen on a mass-produced car this time around. Tricky.

  4. SSurfer321 says:

    Mystery Car 2.0

    Not the car in the background but the car used for the reflection…3…2…1…go!

    <img src="http://farm7.staticflickr.com/6127/5944408504_7cbfb7a4a6_z.jpg"&gt;
    Bonus points for the car(s) in the background.

  5. Scandinavian Flick says:

    Mystery Car 2.5

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/KM0NzLq.jpg"&gt;

    Kinda tricky making these, actually, trying to find that balance between tricky and impossible…

    • NothingHappens says:

      Clearly the 87th iteration of a Honda vapourware NSX replacement?

      Separate topic: you get that thing I sent you?

  6. Irishzombieman says:

    What is one gas cap that has never been in my kitchen?


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