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Robert Emslie January 25, 2013 Mystery Car 49 Comments




Today is January 25th and on this day in 2004 the Opportunity rover first landed on Mars, beginning its work towards uncovering that planet’s inscrutable mysteries. In celebration of that historical event, today’s Mystery Car is – unlike the Red Planet – blue.  Like Mars, today’s contender still has mysteries to be unlocked, such as its very identity.

That ID must include make, model, year-range and likely motivational force, i.e. engine, for full credit. Extra credit if you get all that, and you’re a Martian.

Image: [©2013 Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved]

  • kyle_a_m

    I'm going to guess…Canon SD-series point and shoot?

    • Scandinavian Flick

      Mystery camera.

      • 330 4hl

        It appears to be a Canon SD1200 IS…

        • Scandinavian Flick

          For full credit, include model year range, megapixels, memory card format, and accessories included.

          • texlenin

            1972-74 Minox BL, special spy gloss black, 8x11mm FILM, folding fan flash
            and pencil tripod.
            How's that?

      • OA5599

        Mystery Camero.

        <img src="http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/959/img2431g.jpg&quot; width=500>

        • dukeisduke

          Wow, that's a whole lot of awesome.

        • JayP2112

          Thanks for using the Craigslist spelling of "Camero". Well done.

          • OA5599

            I did it because it was closer to the word "camera", but indeed that was the spelling I used to google a suitable picture.

            And when I was searching for a suitable SBC drivetrain donor a few years back, that's the spelling that gave the least expensive results.

        • Garland

          That's actually kind of cool.

  • That appears to be the distinctive shape and location of the fuel filler on a Fiat 850 Spider.

    <img src="http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8361/8332536135_b8470688ea.jpg&quot; width="500">

    • I believe you are correct. You can see the long chrome hood hinge in the photo, just outside the unblurred area, under the "mystery car" tag.

    • I'm not sure, I don't see any rust. Fiat installed rust at the factory on all of these.

    • dukeisduke

      But what's that ship in the background?

  • I knew this one was going to be too easy. Well done!

    • Thanks! It looked utterly strange until it clicked that this was something I'd actually seen on a mass-produced car this time around. Tricky.

  • SSurfer321

    Mystery Car 2.0

    Not the car in the background but the car used for the reflection…3…2…1…go!

    <img src="http://farm7.staticflickr.com/6127/5944408504_7cbfb7a4a6_z.jpg"&gt;
    Bonus points for the car(s) in the background.

    • JayP2112


      • SSurfer321

        Damn! I thought it'd be more difficult than that. But for full credit we'll need year/motor.

        Remember folks, there's still extra bonus points available for the cars in the background.

        • OA5599

          Extra bonus points if you can identify the dude in the khaki shorts.

          • fodder650

            Bob Smith of Barefoot Bay Florida. He lives in a large adult community.

            • danleym

              Is that a community with lot's of adults, or a community for a particular size of adults?

              • fodder650

                The word I meant to use was senior living community. Instead I seem to imply that he lives in a community meant for the "actors" from the Spice channel.

                • Porn stars have to retire somewhere.

                  Well, no, that's not technically true. There's a distinct possibility they might die of a drug overdose, mob hit, domestic violence or AIDS first.

          • Manic_King

            Mr. Robert Emslie

          • Extra bonus points if you can identify ANY cars to the left (left side of picture) of the dude in shorts.

            • The red one is a '64 Austin-Healey Sprite bodyshell on a '76 MG Midget frame, with a Spitfire 1500 motor, registered as a 1999 Special Construction to Bob Smith of Barefoot Bay Florida.

        • JayP2112

          It was that or a pimp'd Beetle.
          356 was a stretch… getting the year and engine is beyond my capabilities at work.

        • Now you feel our pain.

          Seriously, one of these days we'll just have to do a mystery bolt.

    • Stigshift

      A 1972-up Karmann-Ghia, an MGTD, and a circa1930 Packard roadster.

  • Scandinavian Flick

    Mystery Car 2.5

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/KM0NzLq.jpg"&gt;

    Kinda tricky making these, actually, trying to find that balance between tricky and impossible…

  • Hmm. Mystery Car 2.5.1…. Nah, no mystery.

    <img src="http://www.canim.net/araba/images/Honda-NSX03-1024.jpg"width=550&gt;

    • NothingHappens

      Clearly the 87th iteration of a Honda vapourware NSX replacement?

      Separate topic: you get that thing I sent you?

  • Irishzombieman

    What is one gas cap that has never been in my kitchen?

    • Good job, Cliff.

      • Irishzombieman

        Everyone is the Swiss Army owns a Swiss Army Knife. That's why no one messes with Switzerland.

  • mr. mzs zsm msz esq
    • SSurfer321

      I didn't know International Harvester made tires.

    • 1917 Hispanio Suiza.
      Registered to Bob Smith of Barefoot Bay Florida.

      • JayP2112

        Bob needs to reel in those crepe myrtles.

      • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

        That's a very good guess, but no.