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Mecum Machines: Rad Racing Vette


I’m wandering around the Mecum auction in Florida this week, and I’m going to find random machines to share with you.

This is a 1957 Corvette that’s been hitting racetracks since it was born. Windshields? For sissies… I can’t wait to hear this one fire up.

Lot F246.

Stay tuned for more randomness from Mecum…

Currently there are "9 comments" on this Article:

  1. P161911 says:

    That's a '57, not '67.

  2. vwminispeedster says:

    I take it you got your passes to Mecum somehow?

  3. mnm4ever says:

    I have been considering heading out there this weekend… is it worth it? Not buying, just looking. It will require a bit of difficulty rescheduling some stuff, but this may be the only chance for me to check out Mecum this year. I am considering purchasing a classic in the next year or two, so I have been really curious what kind of condition most of the Mecum cars are in. Not the high dollar stuff, the drivers… the prices seem more reasonable than at other auctions for those types.


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