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Hooniverse Asks- What Car Best Rocked the T-Top?

Robert Emslie January 14, 2013 Hooniverse Asks 57 Comments


There was a time, back in the seventies, when wild eyed and spittle spewing insurance actuarials deemed the automobile to be only slightly less dangerous than a thermonuclear device, or maybe giving Mike Tyson a wedgie. And a particular object of the insurance companies attention toward taking all of the fun danger out of cars was the convertible.

Because auto makers feared the insurance lobby would force the government to ban convertibles, many manufacturers dropped them from their line ups as new models were developed. Of course, American car buyers – being a flatulent bunch – still appreciated some semblance of open-air motoring, and as a way to serve that market the T-roof came into prominence.

Leaky and squeaky, the T-top still became the closest thing to a real convertible at the time, and without all the expensive and boring work required to reinforce the frame that a true ragtop seemed to demand. Plus, the industry’s despicable quality control during the era meant that the manual labor required to remove and install the tops negated the potentially faulty motors and crank mechanisms that moon roofs demanded.

Convertibles weren’t ever banned, and in fact remain to this day a popular choice across many a model, but due to that potentiality back in the day, the T-Top ruled for an era. And today, I want to know which classic T-Top most rocks your world. What car do you think best pulled off the T-Top?

Image: [dogomovies]