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Weekend Edition – A 1988 Mitsubishi Galant Σ – A Japanese Sci-Fi Sedan, now an antique!

Jim Brennan January 12, 2013 For Sale 25 Comments


This is the 1988 Weekend, and look what we have here… A 1988 Mitsubishi Galant Σ Sedan, with only 38,000 miles on the odometer. Our Finnish Editor owns one, and now you can too at a reasonable price, but would you want to?


The Japanese Sedans and Coupes of the 1980s were all pretty basic with the exception of a few, and this particular Mitsubishi model illustrates the trend during this era better than others. Every single gadget, doo-dad, and gizmo was thrown into the cabin, to make the buyer really think they were getting something special. According to the listing:


You are looking at a very rare find 1988 Mitsubishi Galant Sigma with only 38K miles, which looks garaged and well taken care of.

It starts with half a turn and runs and drives great !

This vehicle looks to be in GREAT condition inside and out ! Please check all of the pictures to see for yourself!

3.0L engine is mechanically sound, has lots of power and performs as you would expect it from any Mitsubishi. Engine compartment is clean and free of any leaks.

White exterior is in GREAT condition – The body is straight, has no visible dents, nor rust. The paint is shiny, and glossy. Please check all the pictures.

Never smoked-in Grey interior of the vehicle is in great condition. Seats show no wear at all for the year and miles. Interior looks and smells clean . Please check the pictures.


Electrical options are in working order, including but not limited to: Automatic climate control – A/C is ice cold, radio works well and sounds great, all power windows, power locks, cruise control, power antenna, power mirrors, and more…

Vehicle comes with original manual, original tape manual, original 3 keys, and original floormats.

Trunk is clean and roomy and can hold lots of cargo. Looks very good for the age of the vehicle. There is a spare tire and original jack in the trunk.


The Buy-it-Now price is $5,995, which seems to be a lot for a 25 year old technological masterpiece this Mitsubishi is, but what do I know. Take a look at the listing here, and tell me what you think of it. 1988 Mitsubishi Galant Σ

  • Mr. Smee

    Is it just me, or are there a lot of Japanese 'time-capsule' cars popping up about now?

    • HSA

      Right. How about this 32,000 miles driven 1984 Civic?
      <img src="http://image.nettiauto.com/extra/carimg/5224401_5224500/honda-civic-5224456_b_f26f56af0f94c201.jpg"&gt;
      See the full ad here: http://www.nettiauto.com/honda/civic/5224456?site… The Notes section in Finnish describes the usual time capsule details like rust-free floor, full service history and passed inspection in November.

      • It's quite close, I could totally check it out.

        • HSA

          I was about to point that out, but realized that you'd head there anyway…

      • From_a_Buick_6

        Wow. That's cleanest '80s Honda I've seen in maybe 20 years.

        What's up with that little piece of side molding, though?

      • mnm4ever

        I had this exact car, my dad bought one sight unseen in 1983, before they even had one to look at. I learned to drive in it, and eventually inherited it for myself. Same color, same model, completely base. Was a great car!

      • Devin


        Seriously, that's my first car, except mine was silver and had a jaunty red stripe and a red interior (and a hell of a lot more rust.) This might be pure nostalgia talking but that was the best car ever until everything broke all at once and I couldn't justify pouring money into a car I only spent $20 on, mostly because I had no money at the time.

  • FuzzyPlushroom

    "3.0L engine is mechanically sound, has lots of power and performs as you would expect it from any Mitsubishi. Engine compartment is clean and free of any leaks."

    'Performs as you expect' and 'free of any leaks'? There's no mention of blue smoke…

    It's also far, far too automatic for me. Pretty, though, although I'd paint the grille body-colour.

    • dukeisduke

      It's not a real Mitsubishi if it doesn't huff blue smoke.

  • Klaus_Schmoll

    Hmmm. I'd drive it if it wasn't an Automatic. I somehow got afflicted with the love for Japanese sedans.

  • Krash Kadillak

    Hey, Jim! Man, this brings back memories. Wife and I had a a '86 Mitsubishi Galant. Actually traded in a '85 300ZX Turbo for it if you can believe that. Space-agy car for sure. Loved those alloy wheels. Thought they would look great on a Colt Vista (same bolt pattern). The Galant did ride very nice, was quiet and comfortable. Excellent visibility with the very low belt-line.

  • Devin

    Mitsubishi was truly the most French of the Japanese automakers.

    • Vavon

      The first thing I thought when I saw that interior was: How does Citroën fit in to this story???

  • Devin

    Just noticed this: The gear indicators all indicate the direction you go if you're in that gear with subtle arrows. I find myself quite charmed by that detail.

  • Brad Barratt

    It looks very nice to me. I would consider it but if a similar, well-kept Subaru GL-10 turbo of the same vintage came along, I'd pass.

  • There's something so awkward, and yet so pleasing about the exterior of these. IMO they look best with the factory deck spoiler that hammers the point home that you're rolling in something truly a bit different.

  • Van_Sarockin

    I'd jump on a Subaru SVX a long time before I'd give the Galant a second thought. Hell, might as well look at a Diamante or a Q45. If you want to live like you're stuck inside Tron, you might as well go all the way.

    <img src="http://driveperformance.subaru.com/Images/dp42_images/dp42_attic/dp42_attic_inline3.aspx&quot; width="600">

  • lilpoindexter

    HMMM If I buy this, how hard would it be to swap in a 5 speed???

    • Mine is a 5-speed, so it probably wouldn't be too difficult. However, I'd keep the car as unmodified and original as possible, as the miles are low and the car is clean.

  • et4813

    I have a 5 speed with cruise control! It has 129000 miles and everything works great! I am in love with this car and need more info about it since it did not come with an owners manual. Can anyone help?