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Hooniverse Asks- What’s the World’s Wildest Engine Swap You Can Find?

Robert Emslie January 8, 2013 Hooniverse Asks 109 Comments


Okay my pretties, it’s time to go searching. One of the craziest things one can do to a car is to rip out its heart and soul and plug in that of another. Quite frequently that means the replacement of a timid – or wallet-consumingly unreliable – engine with something more common and accountable – say an SBC for example. 

Other times it’s just because the entire idea, or its progenitor just happens to be bat guano insane. Those are the ones I want you to find for me today. Sure, that’s a lot more work than demanded by your usual Hooniverse Asks, but it’s just after the holidays and I’m sure a few of you could stand a little extra mental exercise to get back in the swing of things.

We’ve seen some crazy stuff right here on Hooniverse, like that insane 510 LT1 mashup from a few weeks back. That’s the kind of crazy I want you to bring me. Slant six in a Saab? I want to see it! Porsche 928 V8 in a ’58 Chevy pickup – yeah, that’s out there, go get it. Fly my pretties, bring me back the ludicrous, the preposterous. . .  and her little dog too!

Image: [Imgur]