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Last Call- Under Where Edition

Robert Emslie January 3, 2013 Last Call


What The Chassis

Every once in a while we like to look at a car or truck from a new perspective – that of someone over which the vehicle is leaping.  This one is more of jacked up than inflight, but that till gives an excellent look up its skirt, so to speak. Without resorting to external resources, can you identify it?

Source: [hey, that would be cheating!]

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  1. Rover1 says:

    BMW 5 Series E28 ?

    • Scandinavian Flick says:

      That's my guess as well. The distinctively curved front lip and the slightly off center exhaust are the main clues.

  2. Bob says:

    I was thinking BMW also…mine giveaway was the rear axle mounts.

  3. EAM3 says:

    E23 BMW

  4. Rover1 says:

    And is it a four or a six ? The motor seems to go along way forward, so I'm guessing a six ,but which one? The big old one or the newer small one?

  5. CJinSD says:

    I'll say E21. The struts being located longitudinally by the anti-roll bar is a clue.

    • Stef says:

      E21 was the first 3 series, and it had rack and pinion steering gear. This car definitely isn't rack and pinion. And those hoses coming from behind the wing cell compressor… is this thing turbo charged? Time for another cup of coffee.

  6. Stef says:

    I'm agreeing with the e12 guess, maybe a '78ish 530iA with a pretty refurb fuel tank and Eberspacher replacement rear exhaust section. I don't remember the 3.0 M30 having an oil level sensor in the middle of the oil pan… maybe an engine swap upgrade to the 3.5? The composite photo makes it look like FrankMW.

  7. RichardKopf says:

    W126 Benz is my guess.

    • Rust-MyEnemy says:

      That was my reckoning, too. At a glance. Don't want to look too closely or spend any more time looking at the photo though in case I get obsessive and it ruins my weekend.

  8. Steve says:

    I forget the fancy BMW name, but maybe a 1985 633Csi?

  9. OA5599 says:

    It's a trick. The front of the car is a different picture. There is an obvious seam mid-transmission.

    For a real challenge, name the make and model number of the 2-post lift.

  10. wolfie says:

    It seems as if Hooniverse could post a picture of a lug nut,and somebody would know make,model and left or right hand thread.

  11. E39 says:

    The mounting of the spare tire is wrong for any BMW 5. They are all mounted horizontal. Having said that, there sure are a bunch of BMW looking parts under there. I agree with OA5599, it is 4 pictures poorly put together.

  12. m4ff3w says:

    I think all 4 pics are from the same car, just the angles of the pics are different as the composer moved about under the car.

    I'm fairly certain it is a E23. Referenced by the vertical spare tire carrier

  13. JTuhka says:

    Compare the diff and rear floorpan to this minty BMW E23 745i Turbo:

    The exhaust is different for obvious reasons (Catless euro version with less heat shields).

  14. BlackIce_GTS says:

    Those are semi-trailing arms, right? I remember that being an old BMW thing. Which seems a much less esoteric derivation of the same conclusion than some other people are making (upright spare?).

  15. Mad_Science says:

    Looks like a lot of e12 to me (based on my time under the Uberbird), but the spare disqualifies it as such. e23 makes the most sense, as they were just e12s scaled up a bit.

  16. fede6882 says:

    2002? the rear suspension looks very bmw…

  17. X11 Fan says:

    I think its a Mercedes.

  18. jeremy![™] says:

    i like this idea, we need more of these.


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