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Attention New England 24 Hours of LeMons Contrestants; Your IOE Entry is waiting for you…

Jim Brennan December 24, 2012 For Sale 4 Comments

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We here at Hooniverse have some of the best fans on the web. Want proof? Well, here is a Craigslist Tip from TheSees (Thanks Man!) informing us about this 1949 Plymouth that is for sale. It runs, and drives, and it would be among the oldest cars ever to compete in the LeMons series. Make the jump to read more…

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According to the listing:

Price Slashed from $3,500.00 need to move it know… Good Winter Project…49 Plymouth “Special Deluxe”(Suicide Doors) very cool model… all ORIGINAL CONDITION Has the 218 ci 6cyl. Flathead ,Standard 3 on the tree,all good windows & chrome,good tires ,all doors,hood & trunk open & shut like new, motor runs good, changed coil, points & condenser,cap & rotor& plugs ,also new 6 volt battery, needs restoration ,brakes , body work mostly rocker panals & fenders UTAH CAR Last Registerd in 1994, parts alone are worth $$$$$$ Contact Keith.

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These are the types of entries that seems to get a pass from the judges, so even at $900 acquisition cost, you will still have to put a ton more work into it (Brakes, Tires, and safety gear). Imagine the sight of this glorious Plymouth at the next New England race… Price slashed so hurry! See the listing here, or go here if the ad disappears.

  • This is actually a '48.

    Given that Judge Phil (aka Murilee Martin) has just purchased a '41 Plymouth similar to this for his own project car hell, I'm sure you'd get a relaxed budget from LeMons HQ. Heck, he may buy parts off you!

  • You show up with a flat head motor in anything an you can pretty much spend all you want on the car. I mean as long as its not some crazy blown flat head Ford V8

  • buzzboy7

    Back in Lemons south fall somebody raced this 45 Benz with MGB(I think) running gear. I think that Plymouth would be a great entry to follow.
    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/g0wkd.jpg&quot; width="600">

  • mazder3

    And if you need more parts during the race there is a spare Plymouth 35 minutes away, in the little town of Antrim. Guy has been asking for "over $1000" for months now.