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Robert Emslie December 21, 2012 Mystery Car

Here we are just four days from Christmas and for those of us who celebrate that holiday the biggest mystery at the moment is what to do with all that damn fruitcake that our aunts’ keep sending us year after year. My suggestion, wheel chocks!

Now that we’ve solved that conundrum, let’s turn our attention to today’s Mystery Car, which, as my present to you, comes with an added bonus round. Instead of identifying just the usual aspects of this contender – make, model, year-range, and likely underhood motivator, I also want you to tell us the unique feature this car or truck possesses. It’s certainly a noteworthy part, and something I’ll bet we all wished every car had.

So, with visions of superchargers rather than sugarplums dancing in your heads, see if you can tell us what this is, and what’s so unique about it. And lay off the fruitcake!

Image [©2012 Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved]

Currently there are "51 comments" on this Article:

  1. dukeisduke says:

    It's that funky Rolls-Royce, with body by Vignale. Engine? I'm Googling.

  2. dukeisduke says:

    It's got a toilet under the back seat. What more could you want?

  3. Van_Sarockin says:

    NSX really let itself go.

  4. dukeisduke says:

    With either a 4.3, 4.6, or 4.9l I-6.

  5. dukeisduke says:

    1954 Silver Wraith, by the way.

  6. dukeisduke says:

    And ABC Brianza made a 1/43 scale model:

  7. 3304HL says:

    It's actually a Ford Anglia "Grande" that's been tastefully modified in the tradition of the Lincoln Versailles….


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