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HCOTY: The EV Midget

Tim Odell December 21, 2012 Hooniversal Car of the Year 11 Comments

 HCOTY Midget

My nominee for this year didn’t come from the tips line and wasn’t found in a parking lot. Instead, it’s an example of promoting from within. It’s our own Scott Ith’s EV midget build. Scott’s EV midget has a little of everything Hooniverse is supposed to be: an amateur doing a totally unconventional function-over-form build of classic vehicle with a great personal connection. Scott took what was left of his grandfather’s midget kit and mated it with the guts of a decrepit old golf cart, producing a great little runabout with unbeatable style.

Scott’s eight part series walks us through the back story and breaks the build up into 8 nice little chunks. Just enough detail to know how he did it, but not so much that you zone out:

Part 1: Intro

Part 2: Harvesting Organs

Part 3: Front Suspension and Steering

Part 4: Rear Suspension

Part 5: Metal Work

Part 6: Odds and Ends

Part 7: Wiring, Body and a Test Drive!

Part 8: Finishing Touches and Adventures

Aside from being straight up bitchin’, the Midget has turned out dang useful, too. It makes for a great pit vehicle at LeMons and Bonneville.

If it were up to me, Hooniverse would be a collection of write-ups on the adventures and misadventures everyone on staff is having with their projects: LeMons races, trips to Jack’s House and epic (failures of) road trips. Press cars are there to tow, haul and provide backups when the hoopties are out of service. For being all that rolled up in one compact package, Scott’s EV Midget should be the Hooniverse Car of the Year 2012.

  • Van_Sarockin

    I thought HCOTY was supposed to be a contest? With this entry, there's no contest.

    • calzonegolem

      Yes. Came here to say this. Epic build!

    • Scandinavian Flick

      The thing that's tough about HCOTY is that when I vote, I am not voting against the other entries. I truly love everything that has been put forth so far.

      But then there's always that one… That one defining car.

  • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

    Well now that's cool! Could it be, that 2012 HCOTY and MTCOTY will both be electric, yet so very different? Also Tim, it is a lot up to you after all this place. Praise be to Murilee!

  • Wow. Great write-up Tim. Thanks for all the kind words.

    Regarding the midget, I have other cars that are worth more money, but the midget has more value to me than all the others combined. It embodies not just this crazy automotive habit of mine, but family, friends, memories, and great experiences.

    Merry Christmas hoons!

  • Yes, I think we have a winner here.

  • cruisintime

    The build stories for that are my favorite Hooniverse stories yet! Love that little thing.

  • rusty

    Nice job! Is that a Marlin in the shop?

  • That is a Marlin. Sadly, I had to sell it. It was a pretty sweet car. Zero rust. It had more exhaust roll into the passenger compartment than any car I've ever owned. I felt like I needed a gas mask. I'll write it up someday…

  • skitter

    I'm concerned that all of Hooniverse is going to mobilize for voting and flood the HCOTY comment thread.

  • I've driven this thing, and Scott in turn drove the ZomBee.

    I'd wager this thing was actually more fun.