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Let’s Bring Retro Car Kings to America, Discovery Channel!

Jim Yu December 20, 2012 All Things Hoon 17 Comments


The Discovery Channel in Japan just premiered an incredible series on speed shops in Japan. A quick peek at the show’s trailer and home page will convince you that we need to have the show here, stat!


So tweet the Discovery Channel, write to your Congressman, do anything, to help us bring this show here. Please. Thank you.

Hat tip to rchen.

Image source: Discovery Channel Japan

  • I would LOVE to see that. I'm a sucker for old JDM tin.

    It seems that Wheeler Dealers has been pretty successful on Velocity, so an Eastern version could probably do well.

    • As much as I love the show, I think they're about to jump the shark.

      • How so?

        As it is, there are plenty of old episodes that I haven't seen yet, so I still have a lot to watch.

        • It's like they're running out of cars and ideas, examples:
          – The Land Rover Disco expedition vehicle was awful – no tire or suspsnion chnages, but it got a roof rack
          – They had a special edition Mike & Edd something, had their names on it
          – The modernized Defender was a bit of a disappoint
          – They did two frame-off restorations, Cobra and Morgan, which no one looking to flip a car would do

          I don't know what else… crazy day for me, brain is mush.

          • Yeah, in Mike's own words, some of the work they do is "dodgy," but I still appreciate the overall concept – documenting the down and dirty parts of resurrecting an interesting car.

            I'm still waiting for the episode where Edd threatens to hit Mike in the head with a spanner for trying to "spruce up" a car that's better left alone.

  • quattrovalvole
  • Jonathan

    What's that blue car?

    • In the photo? A Toyota Starlet.

      • Jonathan


  • jarvitron

    Why don't you just steal it off the internet like God intended us to do?

  • mseoul

    Agree. A show on the classic car scene in Thailand would also be good. Thailand has some good shops that keep some odd pieces in near daily use. With installed air con too. I was in a Citroen DS with the aircon behind the seats, in the rear parcel area. Home made job.

  • bobby997

    wheeler dealers < Japan's Retro Car Kings

  • Aaron

    We need a show in the US like retro car kings

  • Aaron f

    Loved the show I want to see more!!!!

  • Michael J

    Please bring this series to the US…. I really enjoyed the show and want to see more!!!

  • marcel

    Great show i recorded it to my dvr and watch it over and over its nice to see there are other car cultures who love it as much as we do more more more please