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HCOTY 2012 Nominee – SCUBARU

HCOTY Scubaru

When asked to nominate a HCOTY 2012, only one candidate sprang to mind so vigorously as the Scubaru. The tale was legendary and gathered global attention, as autobloogs as far as Australia covered the story during the following weeks. And despite the story being wrangled into numerous directions, the basis remained true: the ’96 Legacy was driven on the ice in spring, as a guy went fishing. Soon enough, the Legacy went through the ice, head-first. Three months later, the Subaru was located and dragged home, and after the initial water-removal and necessary quick maintenance, the sucker sprang to life first try and made it back on the road. There was even video of the thing running.

Surely a car worth a Hooniversal Car of the Year nomination. Click for a re-cap.

After finding a live burbot from between the bumper and the bottom tray – the fish had let out its spawn on the alternator – the guy taking care of the car drained out the oil and water in the engine. For the first minute, all that came out was water.

The fuel tank contained 70% of water, but “luckily only 15 litres of fuel, so it didn’t go to waste.” Out of curiosity, they replaced the plugs and poured some fresh fuel into the tank. What would happen after three months spent in the bottom of the lake?

The thing started first try, Laakista käyntiin. I can imagine the shouts and hollers heard in the garage. How can it be?

The following weekend the guys drove 20km with it. “Still some water in the fuel, kinda lacks power.” Most of the electrics were working, certainly everything they had tried out so far; the wipers, headlights and all seemed to function and the guy cleaned the ECU with brake cleaner beforehand. There haven’t been much more updates since then as the guy focused onto other projects, but in case the car surfaces again (heh heh), I’ll be sure to make note of it.

“It passed MOT inspection a week before going underwater, so there can’t be much wrong with it, can there?”

Source: Offipalsta.com (in Finnish)

  • This is going to be a tough year for voting!

    I have an idea on what will win though, (and it hasn't even run yet)…

  • Van_Sarockin

    Amphibian Wheeled Drive. Hard to argue with a wagon that wants to live the life aquatic.

  • Rover1

    It's that level of engineeering quality and reliability that has me convinced that if/when my Lancia Gamma Coupe's Italian flat four ,Italian electrics, engine next gives any trouble ,the car is getting a Subaru heart transplant.

  • facelvega

    I should try that with my 96 legacy wagon– I have a pesky air pocket in the radiator that makes the thermometer go crazy every now and then. This seems like a good way to clear that right up.