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Hooniverse Asks- What’s The Best Detective Ride?

Robert Emslie December 19, 2012 Hooniverse Asks 136 Comments




Over the years, television has provided us with more private dicks than the showers at basic training, as well as an equal number of detective characters tenuously employed by their local constabulary. Each TV detective has had to possess some sort of iconic quirk – lolipops and a bald pate for Kojack, a parrot and who loves ya’ baby catch phrase for Baretta, or the rumpled coat, oh and one more question weekly case solver, and battered Peugeot for my personal favorite, Columbo.

In fact, a number of TV dicks are known not just for a pithy quip eagerly awaited each week by an engrossed and sallow-eyed viewership, but also by their particular rides. Magnum had his 308, Nash Bridges his ‘Cuda, and Mannix a Comet and then plethora of Mopar iron after his custom Olds was shown the door. As they been a staple of prime time entertainment for going on 50 years now, the list just goes on and on and on.

But what’s the best car for an investigator? Do the TV shows get it right by proposing that the criminal sleuth has to be far out of the mainstream in order to be passingly engaging week after week, and that means a commensurately interesting ride? Or, do you think a dick ought to roll as much on the DL as he or she can, owning a car that is as inconspicuous as possible? What do you think, what is the best detective ride?

Image: [landofmachines]