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A pair of classic import longroofs up on eBay

Jeff Glucker December 19, 2012 For Sale, Wagon Wednesday 10 Comments

ebay wagons

You’re at work, but you’d rather be shopping for an old longroof. You don’t even need an old American landship, either. I’ve found two for you that might fit the bill: a 1973 Mazda RX-3 and a 1966 Datsun. Both are unique, and both are in great shape… so are you sticking with the inline four or ready to rock out with the rotary?

1966 datsun wagon

The Datsun stands out with its bright blue paint and lower-panel woodwork. It looks very clean, but we’re a bit afraid of the $7,500 Buy-It-Now. Sure, it’s a looker… but we’d rather spend that much money on a worked-over 510.


The Mazda hides its unique bit, but you all know its lurking under the hood. This rotary unit is said to run very healthy and strong. Also, it’s been paired with a bunch of hopped-up go-faster parts and the car is equipped with a four-speed manual gearbox out of a 1979 RX7. The Mazda seems ready to run, and run well, and the Buy-It-Now is a bit more reasonable $6,000. Still, the Make An Offer button is on the listing as well. (psst – offer $4,500 cash)

  • Mazda, totally, though both are quite appealing.

  • Sjalabais

    Beautiful, small wagons. I'd go for the Mazda, too. More interesting, better looks – and who the %"¤!%!!&"% put faux wood on a Japanese car?

    • oldcarjunkie

      My parents bought a '78 Datsun 510 wagon that came with fake wood paneling new. Might have been added by the dealer but that is how they bought it.

  • Vavon

    Tempted, but not quite… Now if you can find me a 304 Wagon, I'll move to California!
    <img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2549/4207522891_e6e56a8a0a.jpg"&gt;

  • Sjalabais

    That's really interesting. Can't imagine that being a trend in Japan, way to go in accomodation of local taste.

    • Alcology

      I can't find the one I was thinking of! I saw it here on hooniverse somewhere but it's a woods scene with some yellow woodgrained wagon dealy. Sorry!

  • Devin

    I'm seriously in love with the little Datsun and want it in my life.

    My bank account is less impressed with the idea.

  • Van_Sarockin

    Have to go with the RX-3, for all of the work and updating its received. Given my druthers, I'd rather have and RX-4 wagon. But the responsible choice in this class is still the 510 wagon, and they're a bit more plentiful.

  • Ol'Shel'

    The 411 is a couple of miles from me. I saw it before they added the (p)lumber to the sides. Much too much money.

  • For that kind of Datsun money, you can get the exact same thing in hot-rod SSS/1600 trim. Yup, they made this thing in an SSS wagon! (WRL411). Instead of the 63hp from the Austin/MG based J-13 and drums all 'round, you get 96hp from the Fairlady roadster R16 – motivating just 2,000lbs, and front disk brakes.

    And more of the SSS/1600 wagons survived than the SSS sedans which were often abused and thrashed, so the wagons are (relatively) easier to find.

    However as a fan of ALL these 410/411s I can't knock it at all. It seems in good shape and appears to have all the hard to find bits, the roof-rack for example. I hope it goes to a good home.