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A Few More From The Turkey Rod Run

LongRoofian December 19, 2012 All Things Hoon, Hooniverse Goes To... 4 Comments

So as my fellow Hoons probably remember, this olelongrooffan spent my Thanksgiving Weekend out at the Turkey Rod Run festivities at the Daytona International Speedway. While I was out there I managed to sneak away for a couple walk abouts and gather up some images to share with my fellow Hoons.

The above racecar was actually converted to a pull behind wagon/kids/parts carrier by a buddy of TheBigBoss. As the owner commented, “What else do you do with a 1/4 midget?” I know at least one of my fellow Hoons has a much better idea than this one.

And if you want, all ya’all are welcome to make the jump to see what this olelongrooffan spotted while out and about that afternoon.

A whiles back I posted an image or two of a model car grey highly customized 59 Chevy convertible that garnered quite a bit of attention here in the Hooniverse. One of the comments was not about that 59 but about this VDub that was in the background. As I responded to the known, but unremembered, commenter, patience. Now that patience has paid off.

Yeah this ole bug was loaded up with all sorts of memorabilia including that bug just above the A pillar on the passenger side and a surfboard for an interior mirror. What else do my fellow Hoons see in these images?

Just down that grassy path a bit was this notchback Vega from the mid 70’s. Not exactly stock as you can see. It is pretty amazing to this olelongrooffan, sometimes I’ll go eons without seeing a specific automobile or truck and then I’ll see several in rapid succession. This body style is no different.

This Nash Metropolitan has certainly seen some wrenching and overall it was pretty sweet. Not quite as sweet as the hot pink and white one I had shared with my fellow Hoons a few weeks ago however. And what is it with shaved door handles anyway?

And this bone ass stock 190 is certainly lustworthy to this olelongrooffan.

Combined with the fact this Edsel Pacer (the original Pacer by the way) ragtop is owned by the same couple, I believe this could be the coolest old car ownership combination I have ever seen.

It is good, at least for this olelongrooffan, to see that relative youngsters are getting into the street rod/car collecting hobby. Even if they did bastardize this sweet ole Benz. Still good though.

So after the festivities out at the track had ceased for the day, I headed over to Belair Plaza to check out what was there while there was still enough daylight for my elcheapoebayacquired image taker to still participate with this olelongrooffan’s desires.

One of the first desirable vehicles I spotted was this 62(?) Nova. Yeah, a longroof one of these with a straight six and a two speed transmission? I would love to have one in my livery. I’m thinking metallic green with a luggage rack.

A just because VDub ragtop. The baby moons are cool but the wide whites have got to go.

And this Cord replicar? Why? Why?

As I mentioned a bit earlier, these things have been all over the place in the past couple of months.

Probably should have saved this one for Fastback Friday.

And a tendency to over price cars for sale out at Belair during these events carried over to this year as well. People put outrageous prices on their cars during the early days of the weekend and by Sunday, they are practically giving them away. The asking price on this Pagonda Mercedes was $42,000.00 on this evening. On Sunday it was down to a more realistic $24K.

Still a bit to much for this olelongrooffan. Now that Nova longroof? Not so much.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

  • That Cord replica isn't for everyone but it looks like it might be a Samco, which means big-block Chrysler power, possibly even a 440 Magnum.

  • salguod

    I think the Cord replica is one of the 3/4 scale jobs built in the 60's (?).

    What's that gray custom ragtop behind the loaded VW in pic #3? I want to say '61-'63 T'bird, but the fins look too big.

  • Van_Sarockin

    Wicked cool collection of cars there. You must have been in hog heaven.