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Robert Emslie December 17, 2012 Last Call 13 Comments

In Sweden, the parking police show unbelievable dedication to their work. They also apparently, have really good eyes. And shovels.

Image: [Imgur]

  • Devin

    What a modest snowfall.


    ….and an awful lot of time on their hands also.

  • NSX

  • Van_Sarockin

    I need some Swedish gloves for Xmas, obvs. Not shown: excavation needed to determine license plate and make/model/color.

    • TurboBrick

      You want a pair of ugly fur and leather mittens. I tried all the sci-fi bs special fabrics and found that the old classics were still the best.

      • Dean Bigglesworth

        I've pretty much come to the same conclusion with gloves.. Military surplus stuff is unbeatable for funtional and durable stuff, cheap too.

        As for other clothing, gore-tex etc works well with proper undergarments, aka some long-sleeved merinowool pants and shirt, plus some wool socks grandma made 15 years ago. Anything from room temperature to -25°C is comfortable, and it's still light so you don't feel like the Michelin man.

        Edit: Or just get some sheepskin pants and jacket, that'lll keep you warm. http://www.flying-jacket.com/

        • TurboBrick

          I actually bought a leather B2 bomber jacket replica back in '96 and that is the only thing that has kept me warm in any weather. Only downside is that they're heavy as hell. I'm sure there's been development in the long underwear department since the classic Volvo blue longjohns.

    • Dean Bigglesworth
      • chrystlubitshi

        mittens, bitches!!

        <img src="http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc420/jllynn42/mittenshorizontal_zps74f3ad58.jpg&quot; width="600">

        these are my winter mittens (not so much here in IN, but when I go to NE, or MN, WI, somewhere it gets cold……) they used to be sweaters on the inside (felted wool) and are (aunt-in-law)knit on the outside, and have long cuffs that can go inside or outside of/over sleeves, also big enough to wear isotoners underneath. good enough to hold the steering wheel/gearshift/move heater switches or knobs…. not so great with those new-fangled touch screens. Warm as F**K. O.J. would have been convicted in these things, granted so would I…. and anyone else……. (the total length (I did use a crap tape measure–it's wrinkly–) is 16")

        • Van_Sarockin

          Those look like Dachsteins. Mmmm, boiled wool. When it gets really serious, it's time to break out the down mittens with waterproof leather gauntlet overmittens. If you can keep your head, hands and feet dry and warm, you can tolerate an awful lot of cold and wet.

    • I need to get some cold weather clothes too. Being a Southern Californian means I am ill equipped to spend a bunch of time near Mount Hood next month.

  • Lovely Rita's less-known cousin, Stubborn Susan?