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Hooniverse Weird Crap Weekend – Isuzu Aska Irmscher Turbo

Antti Kautonen December 16, 2012 Cars You Should Know, For Sale 7 Comments

Continuing with the Weird-Ass Crap weekend, here’s a J-car from the land not famous for them. It’s the Isuzu Aska, and this one has been lightly breathed on by the German Irmscher tuning brand, most well known for their Opel elopes.

I’ll say it loud and proud: of all the platform siblings, I like this exact one the most. It’s also for sale at an Australian JDM importer, so take a look.

In the shade of graphite and with smoked tail lenses, the car hides its roots well and almost transfers to an actual Japanese car. At a glance, it’s closest to the Opel Ascona in appearance, but is far more handsome. The dumpy wheeltrims look like they’ve been pinched of a 2003 Renault, but are actual period Isuzu items.

On the front, the sealed-beam headlights look definitely weird. A Japanese car of the era would have worn flush-fitting aerodynamic glass after the early ’80s, and this is a 1988 car. Looking at photos of regular Askas, it seems these headlights were a deliberate pick for the performance model, so it would stand out more.

Also, minus points for the airdam not featuring foglamps, as those are essential for a hungry ’80s jaw.

The Irmscher touch doesn’t extend to the engine bay, as the engine produces the same 150hp as a non-Irmscher two-litre turbo.

But inside, there are hugging Recaros that look excellent.

I’m also fond of the very grippable-looking, leather-wrapped steering wheel.

It’s funny, how little things like the gauge typefaces and colour choices instantly convey the Japaneseness of the car. An Ascona would look completely different here.

The ad for the Irmscher Aska can be found at j-spec.com.au, where the asking price is a whopping 9834 AUD, or 10 385 USD. That’s several times what the car would be worth anywhere, despite being a clean example with a low odo reading of 110k km:s.

For 10k, would it be a good Aska or aivan paska? (Finns, you’re welcome.)

[Source: J-spec / Hat tip to @smokyburnout]

  • Mad_Hungarian

    Just for fun, I would like to see someone graft all the necessary pieces onto the outside to make it a Cimarron.

    • zaddikim

      As cruel and unusual as it is, that's hella funny!

  • faberferrum

    Sweet car, but not for 10 grand

  • TurboBrick

    It's still a J-car… I'd pay 2 thousand for it if I lived in Finland, at least you could get some cheap laughs out of the name.

  • stigsift

    Wow. A Cadillac Cimarron-V.

  • Synchromesh

    They Aska too mucha.

  • Russ

    Way back in the early nineties I saw a imported one of these at a dealers in Christchurch, New Zealand. It seemed quite exotic (spoilers on a sedan! Turbo! Fishnet Recaros!). I ended up buying that car in 2002, by then it was a POS. The rust that formed under the rear spoiler, the minor issue of someone removing the turbo to make it NA (I could not confirm that it was still the low compression turbo engine, or whether it was originally a NA engine, and could not find a reasonably priced replacement turbo engine), then it started dying intermittently, and the last it died was at my gate at the end of a 100 mile trip. Sold it for the price of the Recaros and moved on…