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VIDEO: FSO Polonez Rally Compilation

Kamil Kaluski December 13, 2012 Hoonivercinema

Excuse me… I am having problems breathing right now. Heart rate accelerated, pupils widened.

To some, the FSO Polonez may seem “unbalanced…like a dachshund off its anti-depressants”, but in my eyes, and in the eyes of its designer, the famous Walter de Silva, it is perfection. Its long history is filled with ungraceful racing attempts, and it took a wrecked Lancia Stratos to pave its way to victory.

However, one does not have to win to look good, and this video proves it. It was posted by Stelios Kalogreades (thanks dude!) on GooglePlus in my response to the same picture of an auto-crossing, fuel-leaking, Polonez I posted on our FaceBook page.

Enjoy the video. Next week, eastern European cars… lots of them!

YouTube Preview Image



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  1. mseoul says:

    Great pics! I rented one from Hertz in Poland in the early 1990's. It felt just like a 125p I guess, only perhaps heavier and slower. These rally versions look cool. My favorite car to drive in Poland though was by far the Wartburg in 2 stroke mode. Actually a nice driving car with comfortable seats and decent steering. The steering was one of the worst aspects of the 125p or Polonez as I recall: super slow but heavy too.

  2. Rover1 says:

    It seems scarcely credible that the same man that gave us the Alfa 156 and Audi's single frame grill gave us this earlier.

  3. Dean Bigglesworth says:

    Cool video. Also the intro to this song up to about five seconds sounds very much like the intro to "bumble bee" by the ventures and various other surf/rock bands.

  4. Alff says:

    That's a lot more than a dab.

  5. TDI_FTW says:

    I started wondering if the engine noise of the Polonez was really that bad that they had to put that music behind the video. I'm sure there are people who appreciate that style of music.

    For me the first minute of this video was tons better:
    [youtube Z8REaXTx-1Y http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8REaXTx-1Y youtube]
    Toward the end of the video is some more glorious Polonez turbo sounds. The rest of the video has music that is possible even worse than the music in the other video…..

  6. mr. mzs zsm msz esq says:





    "Next week, eastern European cars… lots of them!"

    Thank you


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