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HCOTY 2012 Nominee – Wothahellizat

Jo Schmo December 13, 2012 Hooniversal Car of the Year 13 Comments

I stumbled upon the “Wothahellizat” (say it out loud) awhile back and instantly fell in love with it.

While not a car per se, I find that it checks all the proper boxes for entry into this contest.  What started out as a retired fire tanker is now a venerable mobile command unit retirement home on wheels fit for the end of the world.  You see, Rob Gray had a dream, a dream to explore and photograph Austrailia at his leisure.  There wasn’t any vehicle on the market that really fit his needs so he said screw it and built his own.

While it has a bunch of awesome creature comforts, it’s the guts of the thing that really make this Hoon-worthy.  6-wheel drive, 6 liter turbocharged diesel, 20,000 lb recovery winch, 1100 mile range.  This truck has it all!  I mean it has a friggin garage for a motorcycle and a back porch!  Complete specs here. 

I wouldn’t mind parking this on a deserted beach somewhere and staying indefinitely.

All photo credit to Rob Gray

  • danleym

    That seems to fit Australia. There's some places in the American west where that would be pretty cool to have, but I'd imagine it's a much better fit where it's at. I wouldn't mind having 6 months with nothing better to do than explore the Outback in it.

  • MVEilenstein

    The more you read and study his pictures, the more amazing this thing is. It's the perfect RV.

  • BlackIce_GTS

    I'm hesitant to burst bubbles, but does it matter that the vehicle depicted here no longer exists in that form?
    Mk2, though it doesn't make the same immediate visual impact, is a good deal more skillfully executed (as you might expect the second time around to be).
    Both very cool ATRVs (I just made that up), and they're documented by one of the best build diaries I've read. Worth spending some time reading (they're quite detailed and long).

  • gets my vote.
    that thing is amazing.

  • ademrudin

    Strikes me as sort of a homebuilt version of a UniCat. Pretty awesome!

  • Otto Nobetter

    What? no self-levelers? Seems he thought this out extremely well.

    • B72

      Read his site. He discusses that decision.

  • B72

    The builder's website – it's addicting. It's like the first page is free.