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Hooniverse Asks- What Non-Lambo Actually Looks Awesome With Lambo Doors?

Robert Emslie December 12, 2012 Hooniverse Asks 103 Comments

The funny thing is, not only has only one series of Lamborghini models possessed scissor-style doors, but those weren’t even the progenitors of the form! The first car to offer that egress option was, while Italian, not a Lambo. It was instead an Alfa Romeo, the Carabo show car to be exact. The six degrees of Kevin Bacon between that car and Lamborghini’s Countach – which was the first production car to carry the doors – was Marcello Gandini, the flamboyance-obsessed designer of both.

Despite their origin, and the fact that more Bull-brand cars have lacked them than possessed the skyward-reaching doors, they will forever be known as Lambo doors. That name is applied even when the doors themselves are affixed to the likes of Mustangs and Kia Rios. The aftermarket Lambo doors differ from the source material in that they don’t just raise and lower like Atlanta Braves’ fans simultaneously supporting their team and denigrating the rich history of Native Americans, they articulate out in their original arc and then reach for the clouds.

Some of these scissor door cars – both professional and amateur – adopt the feature admirably, looking way cool. Other times it’s a prime indicator that the car’s owner is a raving douchebag who’ll have you questioning humanity, and will probably knock up your sister.  They also leave tan in a can on the toilet seat when making a deposit at the first bank of porcelain, which is like the biggest irritation there is. Seriously people, drape before you drop! Regardless of their owners, is there a non-Lambo car that has has Lambo doors that you don’t actually hate? Okay, let’s take that one step further, is there a non-Lambo that actually looks awesome with Lambo doors?

Image: [PelicanParts]