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Hooniverse Marketplace: 1946 Dodge Cab Over Engine Crew Cab for Sale

1946 Dodge COE custom crew cab for sale
We were elated when Hooniverse reader Joe shared some pictures and backstory on his 1946 Dodge COE crew cab back in May. You had nothing but great things to say in the comments, as well. Well, the time has come for Joe to part ways with his awesome custom creation, just in time to make one hell of a Christmas present for one of you.
The short version is that it’s a ton of great looking, professionally done custom body work on top of a modern, simple chassis that’ll run all day every day for a price lower than a newish fullsize truck. Hit the jump for the long version.
Too many hours to list in this one of a kind Dodge COE. Its mounted on a 1997 GMC 1/2 ton 2wd one adult owner truck.
5.0 V8, rebuilt turbo 350, new brakes front and back (including drums, rotors and wheel cylinders), new water pump, power steering pump,
shocks, radiator, intake manifold gaskets, alternator, belts etc…basically I went thru the truck and replaced what I thought would make the truck
a dependable turnkey vehicle (which it is).
The body (built with 3 cabs and 8 doors) has been sandblasted, swirl ground and clear coated with Glisten PC (description here).
The custom built aluminum bed has 6 tied owns, tool boxes, tow hitch and a 10ft.X 30in. wide (aluminum) slide out ramp. The bed and (steel) front fenders have been coated with rubberized undercoat. The back fenders are modified 1950 Chrysler New Yorker rear fenders. The door handles are recessed Toyota. Front windows are hand crank, rear are fixed. The front seats are ’64 Mercedes and the rear (which are not currently mounted but included) are ’63 Volvo.
The interior will need to be finished i.e.. door seals, sound proofing, door panels and headliner. I have driven it in a heavy rainstorm (at highway speeds) and was impressed how little water did come in.
While the bare metal clear coat finish may not be to everyone’s taste it would not take much to bring it to the next level (obviously no bondo).
The truck is an attention getting head turner plus functional (I’m not into the show scene). It’ll cruise down the road @ 70mph all day long.
More pictures from the fully documented build are available.
Asking $18,000 or best offer.
This one’s got a little sorting left, but there’s nothing to stop you from doing so while you drive it. If you wanted to get really crazy with drivetrain options, there’s no shortage of engine and transmission options that’ll drop right in.
That’s a lot of money for you cheap bastards our loyal readers, but the funny part is, if you price out a decent crew cab pickup, they’re not too far from $18k.
Joe’s located in Vermont and can be reached via email here or via phone at (802) 748-1035.
  • Van_Sarockin

    Finally, you get around to featuring a practical vehicle that you could buy today. Nicely done project!

  • Jon

    Very neat, but I'll keep my '46 Dodge WC on the original frame with the standard flathead 6, manual steering, and 3 speed trans. Much more interesting, mechanically, to me. I love the COE body style, and the build quality here is fantastic. But the underpinnings leave me with a feeling of "meh." Loses the whole feel of driving on old car, which is a primary want for me.

    Despite my misgivings, someone is going to end up with an awesome truck.

  • Hatchtopia

    Whoever buys this, get some nice high-res pix of it and I personally guarantee it will be in the 2014 version of the Hooniverse Calendar.

    • Van_Sarockin

      It deserves to be a HCOTY nominee fo' sho.

    • COEJOE

      If it doesn't sell I'll take you up on that offer

    • COEJOE

      OOPS…I meant to respond to your post…if it doesn't sell I'll take you up on that offer

      • Carey Demers

        Did you sell your Coe ? Thank You Carey


    It must provide a great vantage point in traffic! Considering it will do 70 mph steady on the highway, I'm sure people tend to move over rather quickly when that front shows up in their rearview mirror. I envy the person with the $18K to buy this truck. This must be the best way to drive a '97 GMC truck.

  • How I'd love this, with a matching Airstream trailer, as my official USA residence. Would cut quite a dash in Flatford Mill, too.

  • Officer Farva

    Nice to see Vermont represented on this site. I thought I might know where Joe is but not quite. I'm in Northwestern VT.


    I'm in the NEK

  • Ol'Shel'

    The small wheels kill it for me.

  • Thank you, COEJOE, for doubling the population of the "Hooniverse Marketplace" section of this website. That Travelall has been powerful lonely these past 4 months. Now it is keeping creditable company, to understate the matter.


    You're welcome Batshitbox, seemed like a great place to try and sell the COE. And you hit it right on the head with you're question as to "why?" I swirl ground and clear coated it….because "its mine!" If I keep it I will find a camper I can swirl grind also! Thanks everyone for your comments…this is a great site.


    Check out the '49 Spartan Mansion camper on e-bay (not sure how to post a link). VERY TEMPTING!!!!!

  • Tom Lee

    if it was on a one ton dually, i might be on my way to New England again,
    but 1/2 ton won't pull my house on wheels 40 ft 5th wheel.

    cool truck though

  • Replace the truck bed with a cabin and this could be a solid choice for a camping vehicle. It is at least rugged enough to handle anything the job.