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HCOTY 2012 Nominee: Ralstig’s Spec Miata Race Car

LongRoofian December 10, 2012 Hooniversal Car of the Year 6 Comments

So my fellow Hoons, it is HCOTY time again. Would one of my fellow Hoons let this olelongrooffan know just where the hell 2012 went? Time flies when you’re having fun, as I have always been told.

Anyway, The Chief Blooger has been kicking we contributors butts to get our nominees in and after scouring the 235 pages of posts that represent Hooniverse over the past year, I came up with a bunch of selections. But not unlike the Miss America pagent, I had to narrow it down to only one selection.

This olelongrooffan nominates our fellow Hoon’s Spec Miata race car for the HCOTY award. Now I suspect my fellow Hoons are wondering to themselves if this Spec Miata deserves this prestigious award. It’s not the ZombeeRacecar after all. Well this olelongrooffan believes we need to recognize what our fellow Hoon, Ralstig, has done with this car.

Of course, he found it on the List that is Craig’s down in MickeyMouseLand. He and another fellow Hoon drove down and gave it  a thorough going over and dickered with the seller over the price. 

They agreed on one and Ralstig mentioned he would come back on Saturday and pick it up. And he did. What was the first thing he did with his new race car?

Well, he went racing. Yeah, picked it up and he and his buddies drove over to some racetrack down in the greater MickeyMouseLand area and autocrossed it having owned it for less than three hours.

Yes, this mild mannered accountant has some kaHoonas. He commented to me when he told me that story was that if something was going to break, it didn’t matter if the car was hours or weeks in his possession. Yeah, this olelongrooffan can safely say he is a Hoon.

This Ornch Car Society worthy race car has more of a dashboard than Ralstig’s daily driver. Seems he had started on the build job converting his daily driver into a race car when he found this one and couldn’t pass it up. I would suspect he and his buddies will eventually finish that conversion process and have their own Spec Miata race team, complete with a pair of matching Ornch racecars.

(The action starts at around the 1:20 mark in the video)

And if this olelongrooffan didn’t convince my fellow Hoons of the worthiness of this to win HCOTY, I would suspect that video taken when that car was hours in Ralstig’s possession should.

Lead Image Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

All of the other clear images belong to Andrew Helmus and my fellow Hoons should check out his site here.

YouTube video courtesy of Ralstig.

  • MVEilenstein

    This is definitely worth voting on.

    • jeepjeff

      It's the answer to every automotive question in its purest form. And it's Ornch.

  • Steve likes Miatas

    I am all for NA Miatas. I bought one a year ago and, age 47, am finally learning to work on my own car. It is fun and cheap and simple and mechanical and handles great and you can rev it and feel like you are driving it fast and not break laws. Oh..and pop up headlights, great 5 speed, ragtop, and RWD. This car has a truly unique place for all who are poor but hoonistically ambitious and I challenge us to give it the recognition it so richly deserves through this fine example.

  • AJ Caceres style

    (My first post) I have 180K miles on mine all original and I hoon it everyday. It doesn't leak oil, it always starts up, no smoke and idles perfect. This is a great cheap fun car. Now as a newbie I need to find out where to vote.

    • Voting takes place in a few weeks. The Hooniverse Overlords will do a post featuring all the nominees and a poll embedded. This is a fun tradition, welcome aboard.

  • Ralstig

    Thanks for the Nomination!

    "The Green Thing" (my "street" Miata) was actually never intended to be a Spec; just a track rat. I've since sold it to a friend (and fellow hooner) It's going to be his hoon car. Going to make it his rally crossing and drifting car. I have a nice collection of tires just waiting for him.

    <img src="<a href='http://postimage.org/image/pcko9q01t/&#039; target='_blank'><img src='http://s16.postimage.org/pcko9q01t/tires.jpg&#039; border='0' alt="tires" />">