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Weekend Edition Last Call – A Diesel Powered Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Jim Brennan December 9, 2012 For Sale, Last Call 23 Comments

This is the last call for the weekend, and in keeping with the theme of the weekend, here is a rather beat 1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera. I think it would make a great LeMons Entry, but what do you think?

According to the listing:

Kind of rare.Made I believe just 3 years.The 4.3 v6 didn’t have the problems that the v8 had.This one runs smooth on the hiway and cruises along fine.No powerhouse but they are suppose to get 30+ mpg.The body is rust free as far as I can tell.It came from Montana recently.It has a crappy rattle can silver paint job that would probably sand off easily.The interior is in good comfortable condition although it needs cleaned.The worse thing wrong with it is it needs a power sterring line tightened that is hard to get to.It has a new ps pump.It is driveable just hard to steer and I wouldn’t drive it far because of the ps leak and the possiblity of damage to the pump.It needs a windshield and one of the small back side windows.The mileage is a guess.It only has a 5 digit odo but with as good as the drivers seat is I believe it’s turned over just once.It supposedly sit in a barn in Montana for 6 years before my wifes aunt bought it.I’ve driven it about 100 miles before replacng the ps pump and it runs and drives good.It will also need a couple of tires soon.They ride ok,just getting thin on the tread.It has 16″ pontaic wheels.

Top bid so far is $900. See the listing here: 1983 Olsdmobile Cutlass Ciera Diesel

  • racer139

    What a mess.

  • mike

    I swear there's something cathartic about seeing such a miserable example of automotive engineering posted here, knowing that you don't ever have to worry about waking up with it in your driveway

    • dukeisduke

      Hey, let's all chip in, buy it, and prank Mike…

  • Devin

    While a diesel Olds is probably a lock for IoE, I don't think I want to touch it without a hazmat suit.

    • calzonegolem

      I'm assuming you would easily avoid penalty laps for going over the $500 budget. You won't be making it back for selling parts.

      • Devin

        You could probably talk the guy down, considering something has clearly died in that interior.

        • calzonegolem

          I think I can smell it through the internet.

  • Van_Sarockin

    It's a fixer upper, it just needs a little TLC, a can of gasoline and a match.

  • I_Borgward

    Interior = biohazard

    Crusher, STAT! Followed by a purifying run through a blast furnace. Maybe two, just to be sure.

  • JayP2112

    Night of the Living Oldsmobile.

  • wisc47
  • stigshift

    You know, somehow I really want it. Because of the weirdness factor. Help me.

    • Van_Sarockin

      You've come to the wrong place, my friend. Here, the first one is free.

    • ptschett

      We had this car's Buick Century sibling. It was utter crap – and it had a gas engine, and T-type suspension package. I can't imagine how much more execrable a diesel Ciera would be.

      • Kogashiwa

        Yep. Olds Cutlass Ciera wagon here, with the 2.8. It was bad.

        This diesel one is quite possibly the most wretched car ever made.

  • Manic_King

    How many LeMons laps would this drivetrain take before exploding……..or what will new owner do with it, if and when the price is more than $1000? One could de-uglify exterior a bit with graffiti remover (does it harm car paint?) but these front seats, I just can't imagine anyone using these even with covers.

    • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

      0.35, okay maybe 0.37 of a lap…assuming it managed to back off the trailer.

    • Van_Sarockin

      You might be able to polish off the spray paint and revive the car's paint. And a good steam cleaning/shampooing might revive the upholstery enough to keep folks from vomiting on sight. You've still got a diesel Ciera. People want regular Cieras about as much as they want genital warts, so selling this car might be a real task.

  • Officer Farva

    $900 for that POS?

    Major Crack Pipe!

  • I used to be into GM FWD A-bodies. I still love them even though I don't own one anymore. This particular example, however, makes me say "ick."