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Weekend Edition Last Call – A Diesel Powered Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

This is the last call for the weekend, and in keeping with the theme of the weekend, here is a rather beat 1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera. I think it would make a great LeMons Entry, but what do you think?

According to the listing:

Kind of rare.Made I believe just 3 years.The 4.3 v6 didn’t have the problems that the v8 had.This one runs smooth on the hiway and cruises along fine.No powerhouse but they are suppose to get 30+ mpg.The body is rust free as far as I can tell.It came from Montana recently.It has a crappy rattle can silver paint job that would probably sand off easily.The interior is in good comfortable condition although it needs cleaned.The worse thing wrong with it is it needs a power sterring line tightened that is hard to get to.It has a new ps pump.It is driveable just hard to steer and I wouldn’t drive it far because of the ps leak and the possiblity of damage to the pump.It needs a windshield and one of the small back side windows.The mileage is a guess.It only has a 5 digit odo but with as good as the drivers seat is I believe it’s turned over just once.It supposedly sit in a barn in Montana for 6 years before my wifes aunt bought it.I’ve driven it about 100 miles before replacng the ps pump and it runs and drives good.It will also need a couple of tires soon.They ride ok,just getting thin on the tread.It has 16″ pontaic wheels.

Top bid so far is $900. See the listing here: 1983 Olsdmobile Cutlass Ciera Diesel

Currently there are "23 comments" on this Article:

  1. racer139 says:

    What a mess.

  2. mike says:

    I swear there's something cathartic about seeing such a miserable example of automotive engineering posted here, knowing that you don't ever have to worry about waking up with it in your driveway

  3. Devin says:

    While a diesel Olds is probably a lock for IoE, I don't think I want to touch it without a hazmat suit.

  4. Van_Sarockin says:

    It's a fixer upper, it just needs a little TLC, a can of gasoline and a match.

  5. I_Borgward says:

    Interior = biohazard

    Crusher, STAT! Followed by a purifying run through a blast furnace. Maybe two, just to be sure.

  6. JayP2112 says:

    Night of the Living Oldsmobile.

  7. stigshift says:

    You know, somehow I really want it. Because of the weirdness factor. Help me.

    • Van_Sarockin says:

      You've come to the wrong place, my friend. Here, the first one is free.

    • ptschett says:

      We had this car's Buick Century sibling. It was utter crap – and it had a gas engine, and T-type suspension package. I can't imagine how much more execrable a diesel Ciera would be.

      • Kogashiwa says:

        Yep. Olds Cutlass Ciera wagon here, with the 2.8. It was bad.

        This diesel one is quite possibly the most wretched car ever made.

  8. Manic_King says:

    How many LeMons laps would this drivetrain take before exploding……..or what will new owner do with it, if and when the price is more than $1000? One could de-uglify exterior a bit with graffiti remover (does it harm car paint?) but these front seats, I just can't imagine anyone using these even with covers.

    • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat says:

      0.35, okay maybe 0.37 of a lap…assuming it managed to back off the trailer.

    • Van_Sarockin says:

      You might be able to polish off the spray paint and revive the car's paint. And a good steam cleaning/shampooing might revive the upholstery enough to keep folks from vomiting on sight. You've still got a diesel Ciera. People want regular Cieras about as much as they want genital warts, so selling this car might be a real task.

  9. Officer Farva says:

    $900 for that POS?

    Major Crack Pipe!

  10. Stu_Rock says:

    I used to be into GM FWD A-bodies. I still love them even though I don't own one anymore. This particular example, however, makes me say "ick."


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