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Weekend Edition – Two Isuzu Trucks to make you nostalgic for Isuzus

Jim Brennan December 8, 2012 For Sale, Weekend Edition 12 Comments

Remember when Isuzu used to be an interesting car and light truck company? Who can forget all those Joe Isuzu ads on the television? Their cars may not have been cutting edge, but they were at the forefront of the light SUV craze that swept across the country during the late 80s and early 90s. They also produced a line of very durable diesel engines that were used in across their product line. Here’s two unique Isuzu trucks that are currently available on eBay…

This is a 1985 Isuzu Diesel Pup Pickup Longbed equipped with the C223 2.3L Diesel which cranked out a whopping 58hp. What it lacked in power, it made up in economy with up to 44 MPG (Reported) on the highway. According to the listing:

1985 Isuzu Diesel Pup Pickup. 2 wheel drive. Long Bed. Since I have owned it (5 years) This is what I have done to it.
– Rebuilt and Recovered Pickup Seat (Auto Velour)
– New after market Grille (Chevy Luv Style)
– Chrome Grille Guard
– New fiberglass visor
– Custom built rear bumper w/ receiver type hitch

Has factory sheet metal bed side wall protection so you don’t get dents from things rolling around in the bed. Pioneer Mosfet 50 wx4 CD player/ AM/ FM player with removable face plate and remote. Original Floor Mat under the individual mats is in good condition. Diamond Plate Tool Box is included. The dash is in rough shape. We have a dash mat over it and it covers most of it up.

Its licensed until November 2014, Has 138,915 Miles on it. We were getting around 40 mpg. around town. The pickup has been sitting in my shop for the last year. The CSD on the side of the fuel pump started dripping about a year ago. I didn’t have time to fix it then. I got new seals and installed which appears to be dry now. The top cover on the fuel pump seems to be seeping a bit but not enough to drip as far as I can tell. The alternator is acting weak so I ordered a rebuilt alternator which should be in within a week. Not long before I parked it, I also put new brake pads on the front end and new glow plugs. Heater & defroster work good but the linkage that switches it back and forth either needs adjusted or has come loose. Block heater works good. No rust or rot. Horn, lights, turns signals all work.

Oregon Title … reads “Branded – Nevada” The reason I am selling this is because the “wifey” said I have too many pickups and something needs to go. 🙂

With over eight days to go, there has not been an opening bid yet, which starts at $3,500. I think that’s probably $1,500 high at least, but you will get a simple and durable pickup, with a long bed to boot. See the listing here: 1985 Isuzu Diesel Pup Pickup 2WD Long Box

This is a 1986 Isuzu Trooper II LS, equipped with the 2.2 Liter 4 Cyl Turbo Diesel Engine. This truck is a local Texas Truck with two owners, and according to the listing:

Texas Exclusive offers you this clean, very low mileage, and all original 1986 Isuzu Trooper II LS 4×4 equipped with a factory installed 2.2 Liter 4 Cyl Turbo Diesel Engine. This Trooper is a 2 owner truck sold new at Superior Isuzu in San Antonio, Texas and has spent its entire life in San Antonio so there’s absolutely no rust at all. It is all original both inside and out with no previous paint or body repair. It starts perfect with just the bump of the key, runs and drives great with no issues, leaks, or excessive smoke. All options are in proper working order including the factory A/C. It has a fresh service and a brand new battey. The truck is clean both inside and out showing only minor wear/tear consistent with the year model and mileage and has not been smoked in. I have proper paperwork and documentation to verify the 71K Actual miles on this Trooper along with a Clean and Clear Texas Title and Clean CarFax Report.

Here is another simple and durable Isuzu vehicle, with absolutely no frills. Look at how simple that dash is, along with an honest to God Manual Transmission, and a real transfer case shifter. It’s a two-door, with manual window regulators, cloth seats, and lots of cargo room. With 71,000 miles on the clock, the current bid is $7,100 with an unmet reserve. I’m surprised its that much, so why not take a look at the listing here: 1986 Isuzu Trooper II LS Turbo Diesel

  • Van_Sarockin

    Trooper's pretty decent. They're simple and durable. This one seems rather pricey, but good luck if they can get it. I can't imagine you'd want that pickup over any one else's small pickup. I'm not sure the diesel engine would be that much of a draw, or a benefit.

  • The first gen Trooper is the Trooper II. So what's the Trooper I?

    • I've always wondered about that too. "Engrish" nomenclature?

  • I used to have a diesel Isuzu. Turbo-diesel, actually.

    <img src="http://www.busbeetruckparts.com/sites/busbeetruckparts.com/files/dscn4541_9-8-2011.jpg&quot; width="400/">
    (Not actually my '94 NPR, but similar. Technically mine was a GMC.)

    I bought it to move back to California in, with a view towards using it to make a few quick bucks delivering CL purchases until I got on my feet. Older trucks are worth more on the West Coast than the East, so I thought I might beat the cost of a rental that way when I sold it. That was before the transmission blew. Then I had to get a real job, though I was carless for a year or two.
    Still, it did get me by and moved me and honey-bunny around until we settled in the current place, so there's that. And you make a lot of friends in a new town when you have a 14' box truck with a lift gate.

    • lilpoindexter

      I moved back to CA from MI in 2009…A Uhaul 2nd biggest size truck and trailer (for towing my '95 Miata) cost me around $3000 bucks. There was a surcharge of some sort because so many MOFOs were leaving Mi, and no one was going back. I thought about buying a truck of my own, and selling it, but the logistics of owning and selling a medium duty truck while my life was in turmoil wasn't appealing at the time…At the last moment a friend went with me, and kicked down for gas occaisionally.

      • Hah! My housemate was part of that wave of Michiganders crashing on the shores of California around then. The truck management was a bit screwy, on paper my mom owned it because a little old lady from Maine has a much lower tax rate. Parking wasn't too bad because I lived in a crappy part of town at first, but the hooligans out there would get in and turn on all my lights and kill the batteries. You should see the look on a mechanic's face when you show up with two diesel starting batteries on a cargo bicycle.

    • I have a friend, a diesel fanatic, who bought an Isuzu almost identical to that one, converted it to a flatbed and shortened the chassis by 3 feet so that one of his various FJ40s would just fit on the back.

      This is the same guy who took an old daysailer and converted it to a miniature tugboat by adding a single cylinder Onan diesel and 'glassing in a central cockpit.

  • Andy

    Show me a 90-92 Impulse RS. The juiced-up version of the Geo Storm. That was a cool car.

  • mrh

    I like 'em both although prices seem high.

  • Is one of the 'verse contributors involved with http://www.checkoutthiscar.com/ ? This Trooper was featured there earlier this week.

  • mseoul

    Isuzu is huge in the Thailand pick-up truck market, which is incongruously, one of the biggest if not actually No. 2, in the world after the USA. They make a 3L diesel now that will push you back in the seat and bet scary fast in a bouncy, unladen pickup.

    That Trooper II is really neat. How nice some 80's dash boards were! I recall the very VDO-look gauges from a friend's similar trooper: they can be seen in the pick. Looks like an old BMW speedo.

  • buzzboy7

    My family had a diesel Luv for a while. Couldn't kill it. Living at the beach, it slowly became one with the ground. By the end it had a wooden bed, seats sitting on the frame and big enough holes in the floor to watch the tires spin. However, the drivetrain held up perfectly, never skipping a beat.

    They sold it for 99$