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Video: Drift Idiot returns to the track, attacks defenseless pylons

Our favorite Idiot is back, and this time he thinks he’s going to the track ready for some serious drifting action. His new expensive tires should be just what the drift gods ordered. Problem is… the rubber is designed to make sure the rear end doesn’t want to come around.

Oh Drift Idiot, when will you learn.

The fourth installment of the trials of the Drift Idiot are up, and the video is just as good as the ones preceeding it. We even get a little love in this one, with a shout-out to Hooniverse (and some other website we’ve never heard of).

Watch this one all the way through to the end. Drift Idiot learns that not every bit of damaged bodywork can be fixed with zip ties.

  • On my next Vegas trip, I think I'm going to that place at the Speedway that lets you drift their Japanese imports. Anyone been?

    • I haven't been, but I've heard it's awesome. Dying to attend that myself.

  • racer139

    Im no pro but he may need a little more power.

    • Yeah, I mean it's not as if he needs any more skill, is it?

      • Vairship

        Or less grip, or more lead in the rear bumper…


    Actually, for high level drifting you actually do need very good tires. They have more linear/contollable/repeatable-over-heat-range break-away characteristics, better heat resistance, and more repeatable slide characteristics at speed. But all that is predicated on having enough power to actually spin the grippier tires, and as the former owner of several power-wise stock S13 240SXs, a near-stock KA24DE does not have anywhere close to enough power to drift with anything but the hardest, greasiest tires you can lay hands on. 600 treadwear FTW. And yes, I love hyphens. <3 – – <3

    • I agree – it's time for more power on his machine.

    • I like hypens too.

    • Vairship

      I would imagine having more rear weight bias would help too. So he should get himself a Subaru 360 to drift with!

  • I love Drift Idiot. He's how I imagine my early racing to be.

    • Our beginnings were exactly like that. Only with more screaming and less fast moving-ness.