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Mitsubishi wants YOU!

Juan Barnett December 7, 2012 All Things Hoon 16 Comments

Mitsubishi recently posted a listing for a position within the company. The automaker is looking for a Senior Special Product Specialist, and you can see if you fit the bill by clicking here.

Then I thought – how would I do this job?

I put my illustratin’ skills to work and set out to prove I could be Mitsubishi’s Next Top Product Specialist. Or at the very least create a guide for the man or woman who actually gets this job. 

  • If you've ever been on food stamps or have a sub-500 credit rating, you might pitch them on your inherent understanding of the "voice of the customer".

  • Well, by the looks of the things Colonel Sanders Jnr is at the helm; I'll have a thee piece variety meal with my Evo, please.

  • Devin

    Media requests: Send media liquor. The media loves liquor.

    In fact, all companies, whenever you do anything where you want media attention, send liquor.

  • Egad…that's coming from the British guy…

  • Feds_II

    Dear Mr. Bishi,

    This is me driving my Mitsubishi:

    This is also me driving my Mitsubishi:

    [youtube CVmpoT6RbHk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVmpoT6RbHk youtube]

    There is no one more special than I am.

    Kind regards,


  • Van_Sarockin

    I think you'll be wanting to be sure you're attending all track day events.

  • Fail! The press fleet shall be all BROWN!!!

    • Maymar

      Where's the Evo Wagon? Failing that, the Evo Sportback!

  • I like the Evo but cannot forgive the cynicism of the Lancer OZ edition.

    • Oh, they have done much worse than the Lancer OZ.

  • Joe Dunlap