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Fastback Friday: 2012 Hyundai Veloster

Ray Lindenburg December 7, 2012 Hooniverse Fastback Friday 8 Comments

Somewhere near the intersection of Architecture Nerdery and Car Geekdom is parked this sparkling new Hyundai Veloster – another of the rapidly-rising Korean company’s new offerings introduced in the past couple of years.  According to a new television commercial I saw last night, the Veloster returns up to 40 miles per gallon, but it is included here because it looks cool.  And it is parked in front of a classic mid-century home in West Valley City, Utah’s Westshire neighborhood.

The 160 homes of Westshire were built starting in the early 1960s, the Veloster developed about 50 years later.  Westshire homes have no basement due to a high water table, but are based on concrete foundations.  The Veloster is based on the subcompact Hyundai Accent.

Starting at about $17,000, the Veloster costs more now than a Westshire home did brand new.  But for that amount, you get 138 more horsepower, 6 more forward gears and 2 more drive wheels than the home.  Living space is significantly less, however.  Privacy inside each will be about equivalent, due to the significant glass areas available.  The Westshire homes feature large picture windows generally oriented toward the back yard, while the Veloster features a funky vertical rear window built into the hatch, similar to the original Honda CRX and current Toyota Prius models.

Also of note are the Westshire homes’ retro front doors – interesting window layouts and bright colors abound in the neighborhood.  The Veloster includes a retro (even more retro than Westshire itself) rear suicide door on the passenger side, ironically making this hatchback a four-door.  And yes, I know it’s not really a fastback, so sue me.

  • Mike Brady drives a Veloster?

    • sporty88au

      I'm pretty sure the Veloster is Carol's car. Now that the nest is empty, they don't need a station wagon any more. Not sure what a modern Mike Brady would drive – Camaro or Mustang convertible maybe? Or would he have been turned off American-made cars during the malaise?

      • I'm going to guess Miata.

      • Maymar

        Most likely, Mike Brady would be driving a Chrysler 200 Convertible, and Carol would have a Grand Caravan (except that 9 family members plus Alice wouldn't fit, so maybe a Dodge Sprinter).

        Of course, they were switching to Chevrolets towards the end, so a Camaro Convertible and Express Van are also plausible.

  • Van_Sarockin

    Mike Brady would drive something with utility that had some sporty characteristics, or something sporty that had some utility. In no circumstance would he have any actual performance. So, he might have a Mustang convertible, but only with the smallest engine and an automatic. But he might just as well drive a funky colored Honda Fit.

  • Mr. Smee

    I like the Veloster (but for some reason I pronounce it "Vee-low-star"). I love the mid-century house. Sadly, in my neighbourhood the mid-century homes are coming down to be replaced with faux-Victorians and faux-Craftsmans and faux-anything else.

    • Alcology

      And probably very poorly constructed pieces of sh!t at that. Oops, faux-pas.

  • craigsu

    Ahem…the "original" Honda CR-X did not have the "funky vertical rear window built into the hatch". That feature first appeared in the Gen 2 version.