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Watch a BMW M1 race a DeTomaso Pantera and a Chevy Corvette

Kamil Kaluski December 6, 2012 Hoonivercinema 12 Comments

To most of us, watching real street cars race is a lot more exciting than watching some one-off tube chassis with car-resembling paneling. This only gets better if those cars are desirable race exotics in the hands of professional drivers.

This video this video takes that, plus adds a bonus of being exotics of yesteryear. Enjoy it.


  • Seems this driver's more skilled than the Pantera or Vette drivers he reels in, particularly through the slow zig-zag after start/finish. Though, things get a bit dicey with the Vette at ~6:40.

    • Same with the driver of the Porsche he keeps catching up with toward the end. I wonder if the Pantera didn't have a mechanical issue, the way he eventually bowed out.

  • azinck

    Great video! I have so much more fun watching this sort of thing than virtually any of the major racing series

  • Rkw

    Street cars do fans the service of making it very easy to tell cars apart, and making it very easy to relate to the different cars. So like at an ALMS race, you could cheer for Ferrari's if you like Patron Tequila, cheer for BMW because you have one, or cheer for Corvette Racing because you love America.

    A spec series can be tougher to watch because you don't know what you're looking at. NASCAR solves the tube frame cars are boring paradox by emphasizing drivers and making damn sure the fans know which driver is in which car: Huge numbers, extremely distinct paint jobs matched to driver firesuits, tons of in-car cameras, and a media juggernaut making sure fans know about the personalities of the drivers.

    I mean, I don't follow NASCAR but you have to admit their system is genius.

  • "To most of us… real street cars race… a lot more exciting than… some one-off tube chassis with car-resembling paneling. This only gets better if those cars are desirable race exotics in the hands of… drivers."

    That's precisely how I intend to spend my weekend:

    <img src="http://www.murileemartin.com/UG/LBW12/223-UG-Butt12.jpg&quot; width="400">

    • Which race are you doing? Chump and LeMons are both running in CA this weekend. I'll be at Chuckwalla.

      • Chuckwalla. I'm now part of Team Tinworm with the above-pictured Humber Super Snipe. See you there!

        • Excellent, I've spoken with Mr. Cowdriver a few times at the track while admiring his car. I'll have fun passing you guys 🙂

          • Oh, yeah? We'll see about passing! We may not get it onto the track at all….

  • Target29

    I have never seen an M! move before, always posed pictures. To see this car racing and have a cracked windshield tells me it has been driven lots and is very Hoonworthy.

  • Van_Sarockin

    Great sound to the M1. The driver doesn't seem too particular about his line, shifting or acceleration points, just passing the same cars over and over again.

  • dolo54

    I keep clicking on the thumbnail, but it doesn't play! Argh!