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Truck Thursday: Collection of Scouts on Craigslist

Kamil Kaluski December 6, 2012 Hooniverse Truck Thursday 10 Comments

It’s not often that a collector of semi-obscure, slightly rusted, vehicles wants to get rid of his collection, but when they do… Hooniverse is there!!

Today we have a collection of at least six Scouts of various conditions and body types. But wait, there is more!! The seller says that he’s got more Scout crap laying around… all at low low prices. Don’t miss this opportunity!

[Source: Seattle Craigslist | Hat tip to our favorite tipster, Marcal!]

From the ad:

Scout 800, Scout 80, Internationals for sale – $300 (Bremerton)

I have quite a few Scout 80, and Scout 800s for sale. Here are some pictures. The best thing to do if you are looking for a Scout is to come see the selection I have to choose from. The prices range from $300 to $2500

Partial listing of what I have for sale. I am super busy and do not have the time to list each one separately.

1963-1964 Scout 80 stripped clean tub only. This would be good if you need just a nice tub to swap onto your scout rather than doing a ton of rust repair. Ready to ship or pickup. $1175

1962 Scout 80 (parting out) Blue one pictured. 16″ rims 152/3-speed

1963 Scout 80 (parting out) Gold one on the end

1967 Scout 800 White one is in nice shape and a great base to build a sweet rig off of. Was running and driving according to PO. Top does not come with it. $1800

1967 Scout 800 Maroon one is a 2wd but a decent Body. Needs some work as all scouts do, but great for a 4×4 conversion. Was running according to PO. $1750

1967 Scout 800 Gold one THIS HAS A GALVANIZED BODY TUB. iT has had the dash stripped and is in the back. $1750

I have more parts and you can see them in my other ads. Call about the other trucks not listed

360-620-XXXX Give me a call, or better yet e-mail me and lets discuss what you are looking for, then plan a trip to Bremerton and come see what I have for ya.

International Harvester, Scout, Scout 2, Scout II, Scout 80, Scout 800, Travelall, C-series, IH, Cornbinder, rockcrawler, buggy, IH


  • Hummanuh hummanh hummanuh!

    This guy's not fooling around, either.

    <img src="http://images.craigslist.org/3K83Fe3H25Ke5Hf5M5cbu750ff2206a8a174d.jpg"&gt;

    I wonder if my least favorite Scout parts supply house is going to swoop all the good stuff? They're a Sunday drive away in Portland, OR. The PNW and Alaska seem to be unusually rich in IH parts, given the weather and IH's supposed weakness for Iron Oxide Kryptonite.

    I have one NOS taillight lens I got for a steal in a parts lot sale on e-bay once, and for the life of me I can't find another for less than $150. I should call this feller.

    • Scoutdude

      If you don't need a NOS lens with the IH on it you can get the exact lens at NAPA for about $6, assuming we are talking about an 80/800 like in your avitar, since IH just purchased them from industry suppliers.

      • Those I see a lot, and yeah, they're still available from Grote new at NAPA. My project RHD Postal Scout has a long way to go before I bolt that last tail light lens on it, though, so I'm holding out for another with the IH cast into it. I'm okay if it's not in the box like that magic one I have on the shelf.

        • Scoutdude

          He does mainly deal in Scout II but it's worth a call as he regularly ships things.

  • 68monk

    Oh man good thing this is on the wrong coast… I'd be draining the bank for a score like this.

    • MVEilenstein

      I'm here on the left coast, not too far from this. Happy to help spend your money.

  • Scoutdude

    This is not just some guy trying to clean out his collection of Scouts, this is a regular licensed business. From time to time he does put some ads on Craigslist though. So no that bad Scout parts seller is not going to get this stuff, because it is not going to be sold well below market price so that person can sell it for well above market price.

  • danleym

    Had you not had the lead in picture, I would have been worried about mdharrel based on the first sentence of the article.

  • justin marin

    im interisted in the blue scotu 80 for parts

  • OH—-how i have searched for you…. i am considering moving to the mountains and need a Scout II 4X4 4 sp manual. my cousin is a mountain boy and can fix anything WORTH FIXING. I am currently in the (CORRUPT) state of Illinois. where are you located? love, maureenwheat@gmail.com