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For Sale: Fiat X1/9 “Dallara” 3.0 V6

Antti Kautonen December 5, 2012 For Sale 41 Comments

Gian Paolo Dallara, the Parma-born owner of Dallara Motorsports, made an agreement with Fiat in 1973 to develop a racing version of the then-new X1/9. The Dallara X1/9 retained the original passenger compartment, with front and rear space frames extended from the bulkheads to mount engine/box and suspension components. Dallara was the first manufacturer to produce a series of racing X1/9:s, and the Dallara cars are noticeably rare and dear.

This Swedish X1/9 is unlikely to be an actual Dallara car, but appears to be at least a very skillful replica. It also looks the business, and has a noticeably larger engine than the original 1300cc or 1600cc Dallara-tuned units.

The semi-gloss paintjob makes the X1/9 look suitably stealthy, especially with the widely bulging arches and the shaved-off pop-up pods, replaced with parts counter projector headlights. The front features a prominent Alfa Romeo emblem, due to the fact that the car has a midmounted Alfa Romeo “Busso” 3.0 V6 mounted in place of the usual 1300-1500cc Fiat Ritmo four.

The ad puts it nicely, “Extremely entertaining mid-engined car. Has no practical features whatsoever, but is great fun on a winding road or a track day. Good rare alternative to Porsche, Lotus, Maserati, BMW; guaranteed entertainment!”

The X1/9 puts down a 0-402m time of 13,62 seconds, so it’s hardly a slouch.

Inside, there’s not much left of the original X1/9 controls. This is not necessarily a bad thing. In place of the original instruments is a digital gauge panel, and the dashboard appears to be a custom build. There are Momo bucket seats and harnesses to keep you in place.

The seller is asking 145 000 SEK, or best offer. The price translates to a touch under 22 000 USD; it’s up to you to judge whether it’s a sound buy. It’s probably one of the lightest chassis you can fit a singing Alfa Romeo V6, and it’s most likely a good Swedish build.

Source: Blocket.se / Link to ad (in Swedish)

Hat tip to Perc!

  • KevinKiley

    i'd hit that.

    • Jay W

      My 1st car was a black Fiat X19. Had it for 3 years at IU in the mid 80s. Great pick up car but I was convinced that it would have been cheaper to hire a tow truck to tow it from place to place instead of fix it every time it broke down.

  • That second picture gives me those funny tingles.

    Or it's overdose on coffee…

  • I was ready to just say "that's nice" and be done with it, but that thing just gets better every time I look at it. Maybe a bit too "fiddled with", but, well, horny. I'll have to console myself that I almost certainly don't fit inside.

  • Looks fantastic. Chairs n' flares for nosepickers. I'd paint it Fly Yellow and commute in it every day.

  • Van_Sarockin

    Looks like an extremely viable alternative to a Stratos. Probably worth the price if it's all there and sorted out. I used to think the ticket would be to stick a rotary engine into a regular X1/9. Now I'm wondering if you could get a VR6 to fit? With supercharger, of course.

    • Alan

      I have an X1/9 with a complete Dodge Turbo II drivetrain. Ton of torque with a great transaxle. You can adapt most any amount of power into an X.

      • Alan, you are (unfortunately) replying to an older post. As such, your comment might otherwise never be noticed but the people who frequent this site will collectively need to change their underwear if exposed to such a beast. Plus, I am actively seeking a summer project. I beg you to send an email to tips@hooniverse.com so that we can learn about your Fiat.

      • jake

        I second that! Please send info to jake at jvtk.com if possible. It would be greatly appreciated!

  • Sjalabais

    Funny, on the other end: A complete parts car in Oslo (Norway) for ~2000$, stored for 10 years, with a rusty parts car for the parts car (!?) priced at 300$: http://m.finn.no/car/used/ad.html?finnkode=387206
    I like the original looks in the ad above better. But I'd never seriously consider to acquire an 80s Fiat either…

    • Dean Bigglesworth

      Dad's company leased a Fiat Tipo in -89, he drove it for seven years. The best i can say is that it didn't leave us stranded once, and the engine(carbed 1.4) was still tip-top seven years later. Everything else was broken or worn out. I have "fond" memories of having the window crank come loose every time i wanted to open or close the window.

      • Jon

        Back when I was a rally driver, my co-driver Kevin had a Fiat X1/9 rally car, caged and prepped in gravel spec, sitting at his house. I never ever ever saw it move or heard it run. The fact of the matter is that, while it was pretty cool…it was a Fiat, and didn't, in fact, run.

        He eventually sold it to someone who, I think, had plans to get it going and rally it. Never did we see it again…

        • olerascal

          Jon, the X you're referring to was formerly owned by Bob Wakehouse,
          son of former Fiat dealer in Portland (Wakehouse Motors).
          I think it only ran a couple Pro Rallies before Bob moved on…seeking more power.
          As I recall, some kinda Mitsu/Stealth something.

          After Kevin, it was passed around to a few Xheads, eventually winding up as a ChumpCar.
          It's ALWAYS finished in the several Chump races entered.
          Not gonna win with less than 100hp, but deadnuts reliable racecar.
          I gave up on modern high tech vehicles over a decade ago,
          and have daily driven vintage Fiats ever since. Deadnuts reliable daily drivers,
          and the best kept secret in USA for sporty motoring at low cost.

  • Dean Bigglesworth

    After reading "X1/9 3.0 V6" i just skimmed the article to see if it's an Alfa V6. I had horror pictures of Ford engines in my head for some reason. Now i know everything is right in the world.

    Also the truck is a Volvo FH, the "superstructure" is built by a Finnish company called VAK, and it's driving for Schenker.

  • B72

    If I had a Dallara for every time I read about these…

    I could still fit them all in my driveway. Cool car!

  • racer139

    Il take it and when it gets here ill pull it with my newly aquired black and white 41 ford stake bed .

  • wisc47

    Who needs a kidney? Only 22,000 dollars.

  • facelvega

    I guess I'm in the minority in thinking that this is a pretty awkward-looking body kit. To my eye the stock X1/9 looks much better. On the other hand, this is like an apology for the Lancia Montecarlo/Scorpion, which had a three liter V6 when it was still in development as the Fiat X1/8. Dang that oil crisis!

    <img src="http://www.lanciamontecarlo.net/images/x8p0a.jpg"&gt;

    • lilpoindexter

      That looks like a Plymouth Sapporo

    • I spent my paper route money on R&T and Hot Rod subscriptions during the golden age of IMSA body kits. Perhaps that did irreparable harm to my aesthetic sense, 'cause I think this looks frickin' awesome. So much that I'm thinking of talking my son out of his dream of an MGB in favor of an X/19.

  • Marto

    I would LOVE an X 1/9, except that I am not 1 foot 9 inches tall.

    Plus, rust.

    • Dean Bigglesworth

      The trick is driving fast enough so the rust won't catch you.

    • Thomas

      I am 6'2" tall…and am currently driving my 9th X1/9 since 1983 practically daily. Plenty of room for me in this go-kart! Parts are extremely reasonable and readily available. The car handles amazing. My current X has some mild performance goodies, so it isn't dirt slow, either…AND I get nearly 40 mpg. I have very limited mechanical skills, but haven't really needed any in the over 250,000 miles I have driven these cars. They get a bad rap from those that have never personally experienced them. Midwest-Bayless Italian Auto in Columbus, Ohio will perform a Honda K20 swap and your X1/9 will accelerate with nearly any supercar on the road. Absolute rocketship!

      • topdeadcentre

        A swap like that is kinda tempting…

  • MrHowser

    This is sexy, and probably a lot more fun than a more-expensive/less-powerful 914/6. I'd love to put it in my garage.

    • Dean Bigglesworth

      I can't decide which engine i like more. If it was any other V6, it would be the Porsche..but an Alfa V6?

      Here's a 914/6
      [youtube gUtBdbzEKeA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUtBdbzEKeA youtube]

      • MrHowser

        Well, to be pedantic, the /6 in the 914 is a Flat-6. But I get your meaning – those are six sweet-sounding cylinders.

        • Dean Bigglesworth

          I plead Glenfiddich!

          I like flat sixes and generally dislike the sound of V6 engines, but the Busso sounds glorious so i can't decide if i like it more than a boxer…

          • MrHowser

            Pleading the fifth of whiskey you just drank is allowed.

            Why not have both? This is, after all, a theoretical dream garage.

            • Dean Bigglesworth

              Who am i kidding.. I would go for the Alfa.
              [youtube diEOXdAK9h0 youtube] [youtube diEOXdAK9h0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diEOXdAK9h0 youtube] youtube]

              • MrHowser

                Oh my… that overrun. I might need a few minutes alone.

                • Dean Bigglesworth

                  To quote our Chief Blooger*:
                  "I don’t just want it… I need it.

                  Or I’ll die."

                  * on the morgan three-wheeler

              • Charlie

                That just made my day

  • lilpoindexter

    It would be nicer if it had regular paint, say maybe in red.

    • ernest

      I agree! I also do not care for black wheels!

  • rovingardener

    Gian Paolo Dallara is from Ohio?

  • This reminds me of a story from my childhood…

    After Dad tired of the obscene maintenance bills on his late model 911, he sold it and bought something "practical" – a brand new Fiat 131 (this was before they were marketed in the U.S. as the "Superbrava". It was twice as unreliable as the Porsche, but only half as expensive to repair.

    In the year that he owned it, it spent a lot of time at the dealer. Big surprise. One time, the dealer loaned us a 4 door 131 in Puke green. My sister was little, just out of the car seat. Going around a right corner, the back door spontaneously flew open. The only thing that prevented her from getting a severe case of road rash was me throwing myself across her to keep her from falling out.

    Three weeks later, Dad had a spanking new Mazda 626 coupe in the driveway and never has had a nice thing to say about Italian cars again. Even after 17 years of ownership and substantial restoration, he refuses to get behind the wheel of my Alfa. One of the main reasons I still own it is because he told me I would regret it the day I bought it.

  • ernest

    awesome! I love it when the engine is kept italian!!!!

  • v6builder

    Oaaa This is my old car ! I built it about 10yrs ago. Back then it was yellow and more original looking.
    Nice to see it still lives on….. and looks so great !!